Beautiful WordPress Themes Features

Pinnacle Themes brings along to you a lot of Beautiful WordPress Themes and various kinds of beautiful WordPress themes and resources where you can find the right kind of beautiful WordPress themes from various categories that have been listed out here.

These beautiful templates and themes of WordPress are all responsive and we are going to discuss here whether and why you should consider a WordPress theme for your business.
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How to Choose WordPress Themes relevant for your business?

Beautiful WordPress themes are created for each and every kind of business or eCommerce and each of the templates can be used for various purposes. Some of the themes are created multipurpose and hence they can be used for any kind of business. However not all the beautiful WordPress themes are multipurpose and hence one needs to check which templates one can use and whether they can use it for their own business.

Most important aspect hence for choosing a WordPress theme for your own business is to check the design and the overall look and feel. If the design suits your requirement then you can surely select it and make use of it.

Here are some of the other factors that play a role of importance in selection of any beautiful WordPress themes for business:

1. Simple: Simplicity is relevant in any kind of usage. People do not like cluttered things and they do not want to learn extra things unnecessarily hence a backend if found simple for any beautiful WordPress themes are bound to be useful and people will use them more than other templates. Also this applies for the front end as well and visitors to your website do not want over cluttered navigation and want to navigate and be able to read the articles or information easily and properly and hence simple finds relevance in the selection of beautiful WordPress themes as well.

2. Responsive: Responsive is another essential aspect nowadays with the ever increasing usage of smartphones and mobile phones as well as tablets and people use them to visit your website and should be able to navigate. Imagine you present the same site as desktop to your mobile customers they might close the site or will not be able to navigate and hence responsive is very important. Responsive and cool WordPress themes are more useful and are downloaded more than the ones which are not responsive.

3. Reviews: Reviews of any developer of WordPress is to be checked because if a developer or a theme company has got too many bad reviews then it means there is problem with either the service or the coding standards of the templates they create. Hence reviews are always useful. One or two bad reviews online are fine and if more are on the positive side then you should definitely consider using their templates.

4. Support: Support for any WordPress template is important because you are starting a business and in case you are not a developer and going to manage your website on your own then you will definitely need support and that requirement of support can only be fulfilled if you get proper support from the theme development company. Hence one should check the support forum and whether they answer their clients regularly or not.

5. Features: Features are also important because if there are less features and if you need something to be added to your website at a later date then you will have to keep on searching for such plugins to fulfil the gap and instead a feature friendly WordPress theme would actually be useful which can easily add such things at the click of a button. One should make a list of the features one needs and then accordingly select the appropriate templates as per their requirements.

6. Compatible Plugins: Compatible plugins play a huge role sometimes for example someone wanted a corporate website initially but later on decided to have online shop as well then in that case compatible plugins play a huge role because if the WordPress theme is compatible with an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce or EDD it becomes like a click of a button. Similarly gallery, sliders and contact form plugins among others like music, forum, events etc should be compatible and if they are then it makes a difference.

7. Translation Ready: If a template has POT file it becomes easier to use plugins like loco translate and translate the said template to their own language and hence translate ready beautiful WordPress themes are more desired. Similarly if the theme is compatible with multilingual plugin then it becomes easier to have multi language website.

8. Page builders or Shortcodes: Page builders are suitable for those who do not have knowledge about coding and thus can easily add whatever they want to add with the help of page builders. Page builder friendly beautiful WordPress themes are hence a hot desired template and people have to shell more money for them because it includes the recommended page builder and one can make use of it and create a desirable website without even touching any coding part. Similarly shortcodes are similar and can be used to create fancy content without dealing with coding or HTML.

9. Widgets: Widget friendly templates which have widgets in the sidebar or in footer or header can become useful.

Why one should consider responsive WordPress Themes

1. No need for separate mobile site: No need for a separate mobile website or mobile developer and the given website can be used as a mobile website as it is responsive.

2. SmartPhones are on rise: Smartphones and mobiles are on the rise and most people prefer a smartphone than a desktop at ease of their home they can make purchases or access websites and hence you should welcome your smartphone users with an effective website showcasing same content as desktop but in a better way suitable for mobile phones.

3. No need for separate app: If someone has a fitness tips website or a course website no need to have a separate app as the website is easily accessible via mobile browsers.

Custom vs beautiful WordPress Themes which are premium

1. Pricing factor: Pricing factor is important as custom WordPress themes might cost around $3000 and above whereas premium themes cost from $40 to $100.

2. Small business: Small business users can make full use of a WordPress template as it becomes easier for them to keep their budget intact and spending less money on a website initially.

3. Landing Page, eBook or Do it Yourself: Landing page or eBook author or do it yourself type of websites benefit more with premium and beautiful WordPress themes.

4. Self Management: Self management is necessary and reduces the overhead costs as well as every reason to be not dependent on any developer for maintaining their website.

5. TimeFrame: TimeFrame also would be reduced as in custom WordPress themes one would have to constantly go back and forth with requirements, quotation, then design phase and coding phase whereas in case of beautiful WordPress themes one can quickly get started once they purchase the template.[/read]