Best Video Background Plugins for WordPress

Video Background Plugins

These days incarnation of videos on the website is in trend. It has the capability to keep your website visitors engaged for a longer duration with your website.

With the use of videos, you can easily communicate your users about your products or services in an effective manner. If you consider it from the appearance point of view then also it looks amazing and eye-catching.

If you are also thinking of adding a video background on your website then you can do it effectively. As there are many plugins made available by WordPress using which you can add video background.

1. Video Background for SiteOrigin Page builder:

You can add video background to any page builder row with the use of this elegant video background plugin. A pre-defined pattern or a semi-transparent lay of solid colors can also be added.

In each row, you can select mp4, webMorOgg video files whichever you want to add. Along with this, there are many other options provided to you like overlay opacity, poster or fallback image, pause or play button position and auto-pause after. But it is specifically designed to use with SiteOrigin Page builder.

2. Slider Hero:

It is a responsive header video hero slider plugin. It is based on an exceptional concept that uses amazing CSS3 and JavaScript background animation slider effects. It is unique as you cannot find this effects anywhere else.

With just a few clicks of a button, you can create magnificent unique animation sliders with animated background effects. It is up to you which you want to use there are two options available.

Either you can use animation effect and YouTube videos or only can use YouTube background. It comes in two versions that are free and PRO. But, most of the features you are getting in free version itself.

3. mb.vimeoPlayer for background videos:

You can play any Vimeo video as a background of your WordPress page or post. But, there is a limitation of this plugin, it does not play on or we can say it does not work on any mobile devices.

If you want to set a video background to a particular page and post then you can also do this. And, you can also set video background only for homepage.

In both the scenarios you just have to follow some simple steps and you are done. This is one of the best video plugins if you do not want it for mobiles.

4. Video background:

It is one of the simple and best plugins for video background. Using this plugin, you can easily add videos to the background of your website pages or posts. Four simple required fields are listed below.

MP4: It is for Safari and IE support. Link to .mp4 file.
Container: Here you have to specify the exact place where you want the video background.
Poster: If in case video background is not supported then it will be used for the fallback image.
WebM: It is for Chrome, Firefox and Opera support. Link to .webm file.
Some other options are also included along with these listed options.

5. mb.YTPlayer:

You can play amazing YouTube videos as a background of your WordPress pages or posts. It is a Chrome-less video player. If you want to activate it for any of your website pages or posts then you can activate it with the use of shortcodes.

But, it is available in the plus version. If you want to activate it for homepage then from the settings panel you can activate. This plugin has been tested crosswise various browsers.

Like Chrome 11+, Firefox 7+, Opera 9+ onMac OsX, Windows and LinuxSafari 5+ on Mac OsX, IE7+ on Windows.

6. Video Slider-Slider Carousel:

Although it is not for setting a video background for your website. But it will allow you to create splendid video slider so you can arrange your videos nicely. There are many features made available to you by this plugin. Some of them are listed below.

Title color: You can give title color of your choice, you can choose colors from the slides.
Slideshow speed: Speed of each slide to remain in a slider.

Font setting: This plugin has an additional option for text editing. With the use of this option, you can set name, title, description of each video.

6. Full-width background gallery with YouTube video:

It is one of the optimum plugins for YouTube maniac people. You can also add different videos to each of your website pages. You can add hosted YouTube videos to your existing website channel.

Some of the key features of this plugin are it is fully responsive, immense overlays are made available, color changing facility and support is made available 24*7.

Along with all this advanced slider control is also provided. This can be called as fully-loaded plugin which is feature-rich in all of its facets. No matter you judge it from any of its aspects you will find it to be just impeccable.

7. Video and parallax background for visual composer:

This plugin is specifically designed to work with visual composer. Using this plugin, you can add video background to your website with much ease.

You just have to download the plugin and then in your back-end Visual Composer editor, video background elements will become visible.

It is adjustable to full-width, full-height or full-screen depends on your choice and website designing pattern. There is also an incarnation of hover background features and image parallax.

Just you have to link the video which you want to use in your YouTube or vimeo account. And, then rest all things will be taken care of by the plugin.

8. Easy Video player WordPress plugin:

It is usually a video player for WordPress sites but it can also be used to create a video background. Like other plugins, you can link your YouTube or Vimeo account. But there is an advantage with this plugin. That is you can also play video from your server.

Wrap Up:
I have listed here some of the best video background plugins. You can make a choice among them and can select the one which is best-suited as per your requirements. Hope you like reading this article.

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