Why You Need to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Optimize Website For Voice Search

You all are aware of the fact a majority of people are using voice search for browsing things on the web. Have you optimized your website for voice search or not? If you have not then you have to optimize your website for voice search as well.

As you have to be up to date with the changing market conditions. So, in this post, we are going to discuss why is it vital to optimize your website for voice search. Most of the marketers spend their time on optimizing their website for content.

Why is it important to optimize your website for voice search?

About two years ago, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced, “about 20 percent of queries on Google’s mobile app and on Android devices are voice searches”. Use of voice search is inflating day by day because most of the people are using smartphones.

As per a report of research by Search Engine Land, voice search is growing as a trend more than anything else. And, if we consider voice search usability then it is quite simple.

You just have to speak whatever you want to browse and you are done. It is much simpler as compared to typing words on your smartphone with the use of a small keyboard.

Nowadays, you can find a variety of voice search assistants and search tools like Siri, Cortana, Google Voice Search, Viv, Amazon Alexa, and Google home.

Due to inflate in use for voice searches, most of the developers are working on developing more effective voice assistants and tools.

As per the ratio of use of voice search it is estimated that by the year 2021, this trend will increase by approx 50% of all overall searches.

So, it is a must need for Google voice search optimization of your website. If you notice this rate of inflation in the ratio, you can clearly get a notion that how important is doing voice search optimization for your website.

You have to be up to date with the modifications in the current trend:

In the technological world, things are changing at a fast rate. If you want your website to be ready then you have to optimize it according to the current trend.

If you want to optimize your website for voice search then you have to understand various aspects of voice search. Always you have seen that text searches are based on specific keywords.

But, in voice search, things are different to an extent. Like in text search, usually people reduce the words while making a search. Consider, if someone wants to search for the best restaurants in a specific place like Singapore.

Then they search for the best restaurants in Singapore or restaurants in Singapore. So, people tend to reduce the length of words while doing a text search.

Voice search:

In the last paragraph, we have seen that things are different in text searches. But in voice search, people use to search for things with the complete phrase.

As in voice search, we search like talking to one another. For example, complete phrases are like which is the best restaurants in Singapore and likewise.

Why people prefer voice search?

Google is one of the best and renowned text search engine. And, with the advent of technologies, it has developed its voice search devices.

As per Alpine AI estimates, there are approximately over one billion voice searches every month. The answer to the question, “Why people prefer voice search?” is quite simple.

People always look for their ease. When you compare text search from voice search then voice search is always a better option. Like you need not type anything you just have to speak and you will get the desired result.

So, now you have a clear notion of why is it needed to optimize a website for voice search. But, when you are going to optimize your website for voice search then how can you do this?

No worries we are going to take a glimpse at some of the effective techniques which you can adapt to optimize your website for voice search.

1. Conversational keywords:

Now keywords are not only keywords. When we talk about keywords in voice searches then they are long tail keyword.

And, along with that, they are the conversational phrase that you need to add when you have to optimize your website for voice search. You have to think from the user’s perspective that in reality how they will talk and do voice search.

2. Design a FAQ page:

Frequently asked questions page on your website is of sheer importance if you want to optimize your website for voice search. It is one of the best techniques for voice search optimization.

It is possible that many of your customers or clients can ask questions about your products or services. But, here we are talking about voice search.

So, they will ask questions verbally while browsing your website. In this case, you have to design your website in such a way that it will answer all questions with efficacy.

3. Use simple words and sentences:

Are you aware of the fact that a majority of people who are using voice search ask simple questions? So, at that time you have to make sure that your bot that is AI will understand that.

And, effectively translate it into a search query. Then, whatever search results will be displayed, people prefer to read the shortest sentence.

If they find that answer to be valid then it is also possible that they will visit the link.

4. Focus on long-tail keyword:

Voice search is based on a more specific and particular topic. That is the reason why companies focus on long tail keywords. This is one of the best techniques to optimize your website for voice search.

As in voice searches, people want the answer to their question as fast as possible. They do not prefer vast content as a result of their voice search.


After reading this post you will have a clear notion that why is it necessary to optimize your website for voice searches.

Along with it, some of the techniques are also mentioned for voice search engine optimization. Hope you like reading this post.

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