How to Create WordPress Custom Single Post Template

WordPress Custom Single Post Template

The WordPress templates are used for creating great websites. These templates are designed for catering to various different needs of the users. The use of websites is different and this different use creates different needs. Think about a business website, a news website, a blog etc they all require different templates to fulfill the demands and thus WordPress has been proactive in responding to these demands. There are certain situations when the website has a certain use of the template but wish to create a part of the website in a different format. For example, a website might want a different template for featured articles or story in a specified category. This whole demand will require the use of a

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Actionable Steps Towards Writing a Great WordPress Blog Post

how to write a blog post

There are so many of us who wants to start a blog but just shy away from the idea. This is mainly due to the lack of technical awareness and lack of information. The users who are worrying about technical awareness should know that there are many simple ways to start a blog without much technical knowledge. In this guide, we'll go through the steps of how to write a blog post with WordPress. If they feel that they have some ideas that are worth sharing then they must use the below content to start the blog. This is a comprehensive guide that will allow you to create the blog of your choice with the suitable features. The process is simple

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider WordPress for Ecommerce Websites

WordPress Ecommerce Website

The business websites require e-commerce when they are thinking of planning to generate revenue using the websites. Creating WordPress ecommerce website is not something difficult but the effectiveness of the same depends on the use of the platform that is used. There are more than a few options for the users but choosing the one that will best suit the need might be a little tricky. There are a lot of special features that are required by an e-commerce website which are a little different from any regular website. These should be chosen carefully as these websites will have a lot of dealing with the direct customers which cannot be compromised. The name ‘WordPress’ is highly popular when it comes

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How to Speed up WordPress Site – The Ultimate Guide

How to Speed up WordPress Site

So, you’ve finally decided to speed up WordPress Site and boost performance. Well, you’ve come to the right place. let’s get straight to the major question how to speed up WordPress site. We have taken the time to create the Ultimate guide about tips and tricks for speeding up your WordPress website to help you guide through the process. It is very common knowledge that any website visitors or udders want a website that is quick and up to speed. The websites are not created in a day and also do not gain popularity overnight, the speed of the same has a huge impact on it. The efforts and the functionalities which are added to the website with so much

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How to Manage All Your WordPress Sites With One Tool

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

When you have taken your business online there are so many multiple tasks that you have to take care of. It may sometimes feel troublesome and often confusing to manage so many different platforms to manage the sites that you own. Doing this is not an easy task and even with the friendly user-interface, the website owners find it difficult to manage these different tasks. There are so many things which is required to keep a website up and running. There are updates to be maintained, plug-ins to be managed, themes to be used, content to be created, comments to be moderated and above all managing them on a regular basis is tiring just to hear about it. It is

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How to Backup the WordPress Database

Every website is created with a lot of efforts it would be a shame if you will have to lose the information you have in here. Most of the websites that have external elements get backed up by the cloud and for backing up the data on your site, the onus is on you. The data backup process can be done using either plugins or manually. If you want to keep a backup of your database follow the steps and learn easily how to backup WordPress database of your entire WordPress website The websites collect a lot of external data and along with that, there are various different threats to the safety of the website. To ensure that your website is

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WordPress SEO Tips : 15 Steps To Improve Your Rankings Within 30 Days

WordPress SEO Tips

Every website requires a search engine optimization to ensure that higher traffic is directed towards it. It is advantageous as when the rank of the website improved the chances of it being a preferred choice along with higher conversion rate improves. You can Improve your WordPress SEO for increasing your blog visibility in Search engines. There are many search engines and the popular ones are Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. They have their own criteria to analyze and rank the websites. There are, however, common steps that are relatable to them all. Thus to get better Search Engine Result Page Ranking should be done using many strategies. There are certain steps that can be followed to make the website upgraded with these

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Thing to Know to Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

Accelerate Mobile Pages for WordPress

The change in the way people use the internet has changed with the increasing use of mobile phones. Small screen and better technology have made a huge impact on the traffic. The year 2015 has seen the major shift and ever since the websites are talking about Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress. Everyone who is with content creation, Web development, WordPress People, SEO experts or someone who is even remotely associated with web world is talking about accelerated mobile pages for WordPress. This is only because it is bigger than imagined and have a huge impact on the way people access mobile world. What is AMP Project? Accelerate Mobile Pages as the name suggests are something that works with the

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How to Create Sticky UI Elements in Your WordPress Website

Sticky UI Elements in Your WordPress Website

Sticky elements are those fixed buttons on the webpage that does not move when the page is scrolled up or down. These are buttons, blocks, navigations, chats windows etc. These plugins are used often to put something out and relevant right in front of the users. There are many users are against the use of sticky element as they propagate that these sticky elements interfere with the experience of the visitors. It leads to a bad experience and has no known benefits. This statement can be argued as research has proven benefits from these elements given they were used right. These sticky elements can lead to letterhead signups, social media likes or follow and other such action-oriented steps. The key

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How to Create Local Search Directory Website on WordPress

Create Local Search Directory Website on WordPress

The use of Directory websites have grown over the years, this is because they are extremely useful. They allow you to quickly find a list of restaurant, the theater which is playing your movie, find a mechanic or a plumber in the nearby area, or other such similar types of services with a simple click of the mouse. There is no end to the type of content the directory website can hold. They are in simple word collection of links that are divided into categories, niches, areas of interests etc. The search can be made with a simple click on the type of service you are looking for. What are the Benefits to Create Local Search Directory Website? There are

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