What do you know(and not know)about E-commerce trends for WordPress website

It is good that sometimes you take knowledge of “what is happening around the world”, “what technological changes are taking place around us”. If we want that our business will keep on moving with the changing technological environment, environmental scanning is the best way to get the things in place. There is a drastic progress in e-commerce WordPress themes these days. So let us discuss some of the trends about E-commerce for the WordPress website. 1. Top 4 digital content categories 2. Devices driving E-commerce traffic 3. Platform people are using for their online store 4. Artificial Intelligence: Chat-bots 5. Woocommerce 6. Sell Downloads 7. A Smart reporter for Woocommerce and WP e-commerce 8. Instant marketplace for WordPress   Now, let

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How to translate your WordPress themes using loco translate

Anyone can take advantage of the WordPress themes which provides flexibility and lots of features. But if you do not know the English language then it is going to be very difficult for you to use the themes provided by WordPress as all of them are available in English language only. Due to this problem those people who do not know English it is difficult or not even possible for them to use that themes. Most of the themes and plugins have not been developed in any other native language. Due to this, they are not capable of using the premium and free facility provided by the WordPress as they cannot able to read the documentation part of that. But

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How to Add Breadcrumbs to WordPress & Why It’s Important

If you are thinking what are breadcrumbs and how they are going to benefit me then you have landed on the right place. It often happens that the website owners come face to face on certain terms that they have no idea about. Once such thing is breadcrumbs which are something that the website owners should ideally use for the website. These are navigational steps on the websites which are useful for visitors to get them to the right content. This is commonly used by all e-commerce websites which want the customers to sail through easily. The process of adding breadcrumbs’ to the website is fairly easy. The users must first understand what it is before they move ahead. What

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How to Find Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using

  WordPress is a huge platform which has uncountable themes. Most of these themes are designed with an intention to provide you with the most suitable of outcomes. They are thus very flexible and allow simple personalization. The users of these themes are free to look around and check out what is being offered to them in the market. They can see what all premium websites are available for sale on many platforms. The other option is to check out the website which is already in use. If you find a Website that suits your need on another website then it is a little tricky to check out the name of the same. This makes people wonder how do I

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How to Fix the HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress

http image upload error wordpress

It is very common that many WordPress users make use of images and media for making their website more attractive. It has been common to make websites attractive by using the right form of media and thus it is also common that when one is trying to upload images there are some errors shown. It happens with old and new WordPress users and thus is not something which should be worried about. There are simple steps to fix this problem, this article is aimed at helping the users with the right kind of steps. It can be very troubling when you cannot simply upload a file. The error when it appears can be because of many reasons and thus the

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Most Common Server Issues That Affect WordPress

Common Server Issues

  There is no way that a website can perform without the servers. If there are any problems with these web hosting providers then the situation becomes really stressed as it is a difficult situation dealing with them. It is one thing when you have a great web hosting service but when there are issues then you will know how effective your service is which cannot be analyzed before using them. Let us break the bubble if you are using any web hosting service you are likely to face certain problems with them. This directly affects your website’s performance and that is the last thing that you want. The situation could be because of the plan that you are using

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5 Simple Ways to Repair Broken WordPress Installation

Repair Broken WordPress Installation

The WordPress works on software and like any software it breaks down at some point or the other. This becomes an issue with the users as it creates a break in the process and also creates a lot of anxiety amongst the users. There could be a lot of reason for which the WordPress Installation process becomes broken. When the users find out what is the reason for the break then it becomes easy for them to change it and repair the same. Since no owners would want the website to be down at any time as this will create huge issues for the image and the visitors. The users who are looking for ways to repair broken WordPress installation

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How to Create WordPress Custom Single Post Template

WordPress Custom Single Post Template

The WordPress templates are used for creating great websites. These templates are designed for catering to various different needs of the users. The use of websites is different and this different use creates different needs. Think about a business website, a news website, a blog etc they all require different templates to fulfill the demands and thus WordPress has been proactive in responding to these demands. There are certain situations when the website has a certain use of the template but wish to create a part of the website in a different format. For example, a website might want a different template for featured articles or story in a specified category. This whole demand will require the use of a

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Actionable Steps Towards Writing a Great WordPress Blog Post

how to write a blog post

There are so many of us who wants to start a blog but just shy away from the idea. This is mainly due to the lack of technical awareness and lack of information. The users who are worrying about technical awareness should know that there are many simple ways to start a blog without much technical knowledge. In this guide, we'll go through the steps of how to write a blog post with WordPress. If they feel that they have some ideas that are worth sharing then they must use the below content to start the blog. This is a comprehensive guide that will allow you to create the blog of your choice with the suitable features. The process is simple

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider WordPress for Ecommerce Websites

WordPress Ecommerce Website

The business websites require e-commerce when they are thinking of planning to generate revenue using the websites. Creating WordPress ecommerce website is not something difficult but the effectiveness of the same depends on the use of the platform that is used. There are more than a few options for the users but choosing the one that will best suit the need might be a little tricky. There are a lot of special features that are required by an e-commerce website which are a little different from any regular website. These should be chosen carefully as these websites will have a lot of dealing with the direct customers which cannot be compromised. The name ‘WordPress’ is highly popular when it comes

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