Feminine WordPress Themes for Women Entrepreneurs and Girl Sites

Feminine WordPress themes

Feminism and femininity has taken the world by storm. Females are working and proving themselves capable of in every field be it sports, aviation, scientists, astronauts etc.

Women have hence also been successful in finding themselves in the shoes of entrepreneurs and are sometimes the best entrepreneurs.

Female managers are said to be more strict and adhere more to deadlines than their male counterparts and hence many companies are hiring females for their senior most positions too.

Feminine WordPress themes try to reach out to those females and women who are looking to start their own business or are independent consultants and freelancers in their own fields.

Feminine WordPress Themes for Women Entrepreneurs and Girl Sites

1. Charm:

Charm WordPress Theme


Its a charming template and can be used to have a journal type of website. It can be also used to have a list of blog posts as well as can be used for authors who want to share their type of blog posts.

So Charm is one of the multipurpose kind where the website template can be used as a blog template or as an author who wants to share their sample from the book as well as have their own profile online or as a journal for sharing recipe, fashion tips, makeup and more. Affiliates can also make use of such type of website template.

2. Girlie:

Girlie WordPress Theme


This is one of those feminine WordPress themes which fits the bill of any type of female or feminine websites where one can post a personal website or have an enterprise level homepage as well showcasing the corporate abilities.

It is one of those feminine templates which can bring laurels to a startup business which forays into recipe, ecommerce, fashion, make up tips, affiliate marketing or others.

Simple and easy to use it comes with theme options panel which makes life easier for the backend handler and the webmaster.

Even if someone doesn’t have the budget for hiring a web designer or a developer this one does work great and can be used in their own stride to have a beautiful website with pastel colors suitable for the women styled websites.

3. Filmmaker:

Filmmaker WordPress Theme


It is yet another modelling or video type of website where one can easily have a video website which looks fancier and can attract more customers into the website for getting more and more exposure and traffic.

Also video clicks and views would mean that more and more customers spend more time into the website and check the other pages as well.

4. Bakers:

Bakers WordPress Theme


Bakers is yet another bakery styled one of the feminine WordPress themes which creates a great first impression.

Its not wrong to say that some of the famous bakers around the world are handled by women and when it comes to wedding cakes and bakery items women plan and manage way better than their male colleagues.

Hence bakery is one of the striving as well as best businesses to invest into by women. This template is also a restaurant or cafe styled and hence can be considered the best bet when someone wants to open a cafe along with some bakery products.

This type of template is purely responsive as well as multipurpose with its significant share of features given inside.

5. Recipe:

Recipe WordPress Theme


Yet another theme whereby women can share their recipes online and have the best traffic from anywhere across the world. Has eCommerce capabilities if someone wants to sell recipe book or recipes online.

Also has various blog layouts whereby its easy to pick your choice of the blog. Has lots of monetization capabilities with sidebar, footer etc widget friendly.

6. Jewellery:

Jewellery WordPress Theme


Women like jewellery to flaunt more of their style and showcase their mettle. Hence jewellery themed websites with pastel colored background images score high for eCommerce websites of women centric.

This website template can also be used for other feminine types of businesses as well like selling sunglasses, lingerie and others. Simple and easy to use comes with a default page builder and works with WooCommerce out of the box.

7. Complete Pro:

Complete Pro WordPress Theme


It is complete in every aspect and has a holistic approach to achieve any type of corporate or business type of website.

Simple and effective this type of website template is suited for the business minded women who need a corporate or an enterprise type of website wherein they can showcase their products or services properly as well as effectively simplify the website tools and techniques to market themselves better in any scenario or environment.

Since there are so many themes scattered around the world and there are many themes who claim something but are difficult to use and install and since as a startup you don’t want to hire a designer or a developer to have your website as it would be too costly in the long run.

Simple backend and simple features yet looking good on the outside and presentable so that people take your business seriously is what one expects from the feminine WordPress themes.

Similar features which all the female WordPress themes can be listed as sidebar which is by default and page templates, having different types of widgets everywhere across the template at various zones, having dynamic sidebar and no sidebar templates.

Having page builder compatibility for creating advanced layouts on your own without seeking coding help and having a huge list of plugins compatible so that adding any type of feature and functionality in the website becomes super easy and simple.

While women are simple in their outlook for the business but they can carry any complex task with ease and are naturally born multitaskers and hence they can handle both home as well as professional life easily and do not tend to hamper one over other.

They are no more the non serious people or women who will work from home only or do some office or desk work which men do not try to take seriously.

Not just in a role of receptionist but as a role of CEO also women have come a long way into the making of themselves as a strong business person.

Our feminine WordPress themes are an answer to those women who seek to take the business challenge further and enhance their earnings through them.

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