Bar and Pub WordPress Themes for Wine Shop Lounge Restaurant Websites

bar and pub WordPress themes

If you are looking to set up a simple, yet elegant website for your restaurant/ takeaway business, then you may well want to check out some of the top ranking Bar and Pub WordPress themes.

The Bar and Pub WordPress themes have all been designed specifically for this niche and each of them comes loaded with all the advanced functionality that you need.

It is important that you review these themes closely, see which sounds to be a good fit for you, then go ahead with a short demo before selecting the theme for your website. Check out the various themes,

1. Wine pro:

wine pro


When it comes to Bar and Pub WordPress themes, this one manages to stand out for all the right reasons. The wine pro has been specifically designed for this particular niche; it comes with a minimalist look, a well designed home page along with elegant layout options.

The theme happens to be responsive as well as dynamic and comes with a color changing theme, so you can customize your website, as per your preference.

Incidentally, the theme also happens to come with SEO coding as well as compatibility with 3rd party plugins and Woo Commerce.

So you can use this theme to set up shop online with ease, and since it happens to come loaded with 100+ short codes, you can add various user centric features such as sliders, maps and more.

Thanks to this particular theme, you should be able to provide your users with a rich user experience and this in turn should help boost the traffic to your website. On the whole, this theme manages to make quite an impression and you would definitely want to check it out.

2. Beer and Pub:

Beer and Pub WordPress Theme


The Beer and Pub certainly stands out from the various Bar and Pub WordPress themes. It comes with an eclectic design, elegant layout , and several intuitive features such as drop down menus and more.

The theme is a responsive one, which your users can access from any device without loss of resolution or functionality. As it is the theme comes with several page layout options as well as 800+ Google fonts with which you can make your website stand out.

It also happens to be widget friendly and coupled to the fact that it comes with compatibility to external plugins and several built-in shortcode, you should be able to introduce several user centric features on your website.

It also happens to be translation ready and is multilingual and comes with the required files, such as PO and MO. This should enable you to reach out to a wider audience.

3. Coffee shop WordPress theme:

Coffee Shop WordPress theme


The coffee shop WordPress themes manage to snag your attention right away. From the various Bar and Pub WordPress themes that’s currently available, it is this theme that manages to stand out; it comes with an aesthetically perfect home page along with a nice layout.

The theme is compatible to both external plugins as well as woos commerce and it happens to feature 680+ Google fonts as well as 580+ Social fonts, all of which should help make your website stand out.

As a result of its compatibility and the various short codes that it comes with, you should be able to integrate several user centric features and boost the functionality of your website as well.

4. SKT cafe pro:

SKT Cafe Pro WordPress Theme


When it comes to setting up your website, you would definitely want to check out the various Bar and Pub WordPress themes. Of all the themes, the SKT cafe pro comes with an interesting design, a nice layout, and with several intuitive features as well as four layout options for both the footer and header.

It also happens to come with detailed documentation which should make it easier for you to use this theme. And as for the theme itself, it happens to be a responsive and dynamic theme.

It is also compatible to external plugins and what’s more, it also comes with the requisite short codes. So you should be able to use various page builders along with sliders for this theme and in the process, help improve the functionality of your website and help make it stand out as well.

5. Full page pro:

Full Page Pro WordPress Theme


The full page pro happens to be a multipurpose theme, which can be used for most niches. It is a fully responsive and dynamic theme, and one that comes with an exceptional design complete with intuitive features and more.

It comes with a default slider with pause, animation control and you can use the same to display high resolution images as well. And as the theme is compatible to external plugins, you can integrate more sliders and page builders onto your website and make it stand out in the process.

What sets this theme apart is its ease of use, and the fact that it comes with detailed documentation means that any novice should be able to use this theme with ease. Additionally, it happens to come loaded with all the extra functionality you need along with free installation and support.

6. We Bake:



The We Bake theme comes with a nice, elegant design along with an interesting layout, as well as widgetized header and footer with layout options.

It is a responsive and dynamic theme and one that happens to come with a default slider which you can use to showcase high resolution images of your various products.

Moreover, it also happens to come with several built-in sections such as services, team, and testimonials and also comes loaded with 100+ short codes.

You should be able to integrate several user centric features including social media plugins with ease – and this should enable you to leverage the various social media platforms with ease.

All of this should result in an increase in traffic and more visibility for your brand and your current products and services. On the whole, the theme is as interesting as it gets, if not more.

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