Beautiful WordPress Themes for Creating Beautiful Websites

beautiful WordPress themes

If you are on the lookout for clean, professional themes that look awesome, then you need to check out some of the top ranked Beautiful WordPress themes.

Whether you are looking to set up a business website or looking to get a landing page up to market your various products and services, you still need to make sure that you select the right theme from the various Beautiful WordPress themes that are currently available.

Just make sure that you choose a theme that is compatible to external plugins and one that can provide your website with all the added functionality you need, and more. Check out the various themes,

Beautiful WordPress Themes for Creating Beautiful Websites

1. Kitchen design pro:

Kitchen Design Pro WordPress Theme


There is a very good reason as to why this theme gets the top billing when it comes to Beautiful WordPress themes.

It is mainly on account of its exceptional design, unique layout and intuitive features such as drop down menus which should enable your users to navigate your website with ease.

But what makes the theme stand out is its minimalist design with dark background which you can utilize strategically to direct your users attention to important parts of your website.

As it is, the theme happens to be responsive so your users can access your website from any hand held device including smart phones without any loss of resolution or for that matter, functionality.

What makes this theme stand out is the fact that it is multilingual, translation ready and comes with the required PO and MO files. In short, with this theme in the play, you should be able to reach out to a wider audience with ease.

2. Underwater pro:

Underwater WordPress Theme


If you are looking to set up a website for sailing or any water related event, then you would definitely want to take a closer look at underwater pro. The theme comes with a classic design with a neat layout as well as a blue background.

It comes with several prebuilt sections along with a default slider which you can use to feature several high resolution images. Moreover, the slider also comes with call to action as well.

The theme is responsive, dynamic and one that happens to be compatible to external plugins. In fact, as this theme also comes loaded with 100+ short codes, you should be able to install social media plugins, SEO plugins among others.

You can now leverage your content across various social media platforms and this should enable you to boost your traffic and in the process, get your website more visibility.

3. Film maker:

Filmmaker WordPress Theme


if you are looking to set up a highly functional website for your online studio, then you may want to take closer look at Beautiful WordPress themes and at this one in particular.

The theme is simple to use and comes with an elegant, minimalist look with a dark background – complete with drop down menus and more.

The theme is a responsive and dynamic theme, one that you can tweak to your heart’s satisfaction. Moreover, it also happens to be translation ready and comes loaded with the required PO and MO file which should make the process of translation easier.

The theme also comes with SKT page builder with which you can develop additional pages, as well as a default slider.

And since the theme happens to be compatible with external plugins, you can use other types of page builders, sliders and more. Check it out to know more.

4. Reiki pro:

Reiki Pro WordPress Theme


If you are looking to set up a website for your Yoga sessions or for your calisthenics class, then you may want to check out some of the Beautiful WordPress themes and you may want to focus on this particular theme, Reiki pro.

This theme has been designed specifically for physical activities and as such, it should be just the sort you need for your website.

The theme is highly responsive and dynamic which means that you can customize and tweak any part of the theme as per your preference.

The theme comes with a default slider with pause control and animation effects which should help your website stand out. And as it is compatible to 3rd party plugins, you can also use other sliders with this theme.

In fact, it comes with 100+ short codes as well with which you can add more functionality to your website. So check it out.

5. Decor:

Decor WordPress Theme


If you are looking to set up a website for your interior decoration business, then you may well want to check out some of the top ranking Beautiful WordPress themes of which, this particular theme happens to rank right at the top.

Decor is a hand coded theme, that has been designed for this niche but more importantly, it is a multipurpose theme – one which can be utilized for most niches.

It is a responsive, dynamic theme and comes with an elegant design, a minimalist and dark background, and interesting layout along with drop down menus.

You can install and utilize various plugins, thanks to its compatibility to external plugins. It certainly comes with all the advanced functionality that you need and more.

6. Meditation pro:

Meditation Pro WordPress Theme


When it comes to setting up a website for your meditation classes, you would definitely want to check out the meditation pro as it has been developed specifically for this niche.

It is a multipurpose theme and one that is highly responsive and dynamic. So your users should be able to access your website from any device.

It also happens to come loaded with all the functionality and in the process, this theme should help make your website stand out.

7. Woodworks:

Wood Works WordPress Theme


Woodworks comes with a simple yet elegant design and it packs in all the functionality that you require and more.

As it is, it happens to be a responsive and dynamic theme so you should be able to change/ customize any part of the theme including the dark background.

You can also download and install several plugins and ensure that your users get to enjoy a better user experience on your website.

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