Blue WordPress Themes for Water Based or Sky Coloured Sites

Blue WordPress Themes

If you have made up your mind to use one of the blue WordPress themes as a starting point of your next visually stunning and high powered website or blog, we are excited to share the best of such patterns with you.

No one can deny the close interaction of colors and emotions. Even if you find this hard to believe, colors have a way stronger effect on your website than many other features and traits.

The right combination of colors or the dominance of this or that particular touch can bring the most desirable effect to your digital profile and the way your target audience perceives that.

Choosing the right color perfectly reflecting the true essence of your business or work, personal activities or whatever it is can be a small but effective trick to bring the results and website visits you have been striving for.

As for the blue, it is one of the widely used colors in web design ready to give any website a calm and elegant look on the one hand, and ignite the desired emotional response of the website guest.

Blue WordPress themes compiled in this article are ready to create the right atmosphere for your website of any kind or nature.

Whether you want to give your site or a reader friendly blog a refreshing and energetic look with bright blue shades or keep it more relaxing or soothing with light blue, you can find the right option among the most charming blue WordPress themes.

1.Underwater Pro:

Underwater WordPress Theme


Aqua diving clubs, sea adventure agency, snorkelling, surfing and other activities based websites celebrate blue and white dominant web design thanks to one of the top rated blue WordPress themes named Underwater.

This visually clean and pristine, technically well performing and functionally advanced template is ideal not only for underwater world representing profiles, but also many other creative and artistic presentations, online shopping stores and more.

Selling any kind of product or offering specific services with this shortcodes based and totally responsive template will be easy as hundreds of useful plugins are compatible with underwater.

2.Strong Pro:

Strong WordPress Theme


With Strong Pro, anyone will automatically get the benefit of dozens of practical theme management options and full customizability to support the blue touched visual of the theme with unique details and changes.

This responsive and easy to scroll, legible and shortcodes approved website template is ideal for sports and fitness, weight lifting and yoga centers, spa and massage salons, sports academies and different groups.

With convenient homepage sections and widget friendly areas, Strong Pro also offers blogging platform so that you can make daily blog entries, add them to RSS feed with the help of plugins, and thus make your site more SEO optimized.




Bony is another thoroughly developed and styled website template to be used for any kind of medical and health related, rehabilitation and sports, psychology and child development profile presentation online.

While being e commerce ready and practicing plugin support, Bony enables you to sell services and products online, as well as accept online reservations and bookings.

4.HR Management:

HR Management WordPress Theme


5.Finance :

Finance WordPress Theme


Showcase the financial potential and plausibility of financial advice and consultation services, share the most dynamic financial charts and interesting news, share business profiles of your financial specialists with Finance.

It is one of the flat and material designed blue WordPress themes to help you trigger the positive attitude of the website guests and help them percept your site as something authentic and credible.

This will persuade them in your professionalism and stability so that they can freely contact you via the links or social media platforms, call to actions or contact form that they find on your website.


SKT SEO WordPress Theme


Subtle color combinations and the demonstration of the nice looking blue color of SKT SEO will play a central part in building any marketing or digital profile with stunning look and visual energy.

All the basic components making the best blue WordPress themes, SKT SEO shares effortlessly. Meanwhile, this well coded and modern styled website builder is also pocket friendly and completely customization ready so you can have a fully flexible website system at your disposal without any financial burden.

7. Teethy :



If you want to bring the whole charm of the light blue into your website to give it a more sensitive touch, look no other way than teethy.

This doctor and dentist web creating tool comes with modern blue and white mixed look, homepage HD ready slider to span the homepage with the most enjoyable and attractive images of your business.

You will also be able to change the default one and add other slider plugins to exercise a slider sharing all the required features the default one is missing.

8. Flat Pro:

flat pro


Ensure a constant stream of old and new visitors, new clicks on your posts and pages, and better results in terms of SEO with the help of Flat Pro.

As you can quickly guess from its name, this template is proud to share modern flat web design to ensure the steadiness, durability and legibility of your site and its multimedia content across diverse platforms and browsers.

All the practical tools like shortcodes, fonts, widgets, plugins, add ons and payment gateways, e commerce platforms and many others work immensely well with Flat Pro as well.

9.Spirited Pro:

Spirited Pro


Blue color based Spirited Pro can turn out to be the best product among blue WordPress themes to stimulate the growth of your corporate or business in the digital spectrum.

Chances are so many that you can play with the overall color gamut of the theme and add other colors and flushes to support blue in stressing your business identity.

The theme is responsive and Google friendly which means you don’t need to worry about how homepage sections and slider images, blog area and other standard pages, footer and header parts will readjust to feet any screen size.

Other advantages of the theme include its quick loading time and perfect navigation levels, retina and HD, as well as multilingual readiness.

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