Bakery WordPress Themes for Cupcake Sweet Confectionary Shop

Bakery WordPress Themes

Today we are happy to share the most charming assemblage of bakery WordPress themes designed for bakeries and cakeries, coffee shops and houses, online food delivery and food trucks, cakes, cupcakes, bread, burger, cookies, and, generally, for absolutely any kind of cuisine, food and drink websites and recipe blogs.

With any of these perfectly crafted and animated bakery WordPress themes, you will get lifetime access to the most important web building and customization features.

All of these templates are based in modern Live Customizer which is the place to do all kinds of changes both before the activation of the theme and any time you will need to make changes to your site during its operation online.

These food and bakery WordPress themes come with colors, fonts, animations, sliders, galleries, images, pages and posts, custom built areas, footers and headers, sidebars, standard pages, contact form, shortcodes and call to actions controls and modification capacities.

Hence, you can play with them and combine, mix and match to find the most attractive and appetizing look of your specific food and drink centric website.

Finally, each of these cake shop and bakery WordPress themes is compatible with hundreds of important plugins and add-ons for you to bridge the gap between your potential customers and your business.

It means you can integrate commercial platform, product listings and sale opportunities to make your website users order food or reserve tables without driving out to your physical store or bakery shop.

Bakery WordPress Themes 2021

1. Bakers:

Bakers WordPress Theme


Bakers is one of the top favorite bakery WordPress themes among many WordPress users and food and baking related website admins.

The idea behind creating this template was to make it as easy to use and follow as possible even for the novice of the digital field.

As such, Bakers is never going to complicate web management and customization process for you even if you don’t know how to code or design a single web page.

You will get access to endless pre enabled options and customization options from the theme’s backend enabling you to present your site and its content in the most accurate and easy to follow way with your own color and style preferences.

2. We Bake :

We Bake WordPress Theme


We Bake is another artistic and visually captivating, flat design based and HTML 5 coded WordPress powered template to help you get the most of the online presence and digital marketing.

While coded and worked out to be completely plugin and SEO friendly, We Bake is also 100 % responsive and cross mobile compatible to generate neat and reasonably structured website content for your customers on the move.

3. Full Page Pro:

Full Page Pro WordPress Theme


HD ready and high quality images are the heart of food centric presentations in the digital spectrum. If you are going to market any restaurant or cafe, bakery or tavern, bar or sushi, noodles or tortilla business, we advise you to consider Full Page Pro for starting to do that.

Large and wonderful looking default slider will help you get the most captivating image of your site with the help of presentable and attractive food images and photos.

You can upload and change them any time you want, as well as control the sequence with which they follow each other, manage pause time and animation effects, etc.

Along with ideal image support, Full Page Pro also offers a wealth of textual content management chances so that you can get a fully user friendly and legible responsive profile.

4. SKT Cafe Pro :

SKT Cafe Pro WordPress Theme


With SKT Cafe Pro, your website is going to be so inviting and professional looking that it will motivate your website surfers to pay a visit to your bakery or restaurant, bar or cafe.

Even if you don’t have a huge budget to use for the creation of your site, SKT Cafe Pro will suit your pocket.

It is cost conscious and easy to manipulate with, so you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in the theme purchase or hiring web developers to customize the theme to match your business.

Diverse plugins ready to add analytics, page and post management, visual composing, multilingual content, image and gallery, shortcode to the default template are all well functioning with SKT Cafe.

5. Banquet Hall :

Banquet Hall WordPress Theme


Banquet Hall is a stylish mix of durable coding and modern CSS 3 touches thus making it one of the multipurpose ready bakery WordPress themes.

So, banquet halls and celebration venues, event planning and organizing, picnic and adventure, restaurant and pizzeria and other topics and niches can compose a homogeneous unity with Banquet hall.

Easily combine texts and images with the right graphics, change colors and add beautiful sliders on the homepage, control the way secondary content areas with footer, header and sidebar are going to find your target audience and persuade them to take the needed actions.

6.Pizza :

Pizza WordPress Theme


Pizza is shopping and online booking ready template for taking your offline business online and enjoying dozens of advantages of it.

Even if you are a famous food catering spot in your locality, you can become even more popular and win new sales and leads by jumping online with Pizza that is easy to control and deal with.

Responsiveness and great navigation that is also never heavy, practical contact form and other standard pages for making the website user’s journey more productive and many other theme features are available with Pizza to welcome the much appreciated web guests.

7. Bistro :

Bistro WordPress Theme


Effective and premium quality website should convey a message, speak about particular achievements and tell a story, offer a wide assortment of products and services that can interest the digital audience.

Well, for making up such website, all you need to do is to get started with one of the top bakery WordPress themes called Bistro.

This powerful and plugin compatible website template is tailored to satisfy any of the above mentioned goals you as a bistro or bakery website admin can have for telling your business story, adding contact details and location, offering menu and other products, etc.

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