Do We Still Need Elementor If Everyone Is Hyping About Gutenberg?


If there are products which do the same task then, of course, everyone opts the best one. After doing every minuscule comparison, like every aspects and feature, people choose whichever the best.

Consider, someone wants to buy a car then he/she will compare some of the best cars then they decide. These days there is a stiff competition in every field and everyone want to be at the top.

Same is with the development companies as well. They learn from each other’s mistakes and try to create the best software with smooth working.

One of the trending topics is which page builder plugin is best: Gutenberg or Elementor? When we are going to start the development work we need the best possible tools.

So, if you want the answer to this question then you can know. But, it can only be known with a comparison of both the plugins. Now, we are going to compare both and will arrive at a conclusion.

What are the best features of both plugins?

There are some of the features that every page builder plugin must possess. They are Real-time customization, a set of convenient blocks, drag and drop functionality and like.

These features are much mandatory that you cannot call your plugin a page builder if it does not have all those features. We are going to discuss some of the facts that differentiate Elementor and Gutenberg from other page builder plugins.


In earlier time, it was difficult to foresee the results of any product. No one can tell exactly that the product will be successful or not.

Elementor was developed in 2016 and it was unexpected that it will gain popularity so expeditiously. At present, it has the highest rating on and has 80,000 downloads till now.

The community of people using Elementor is much vast. But, why all of them like this plugin? Let us understand the reasons.

A. Helpful video tutorials:

All the description are explained in detail. It will help you in every stage of website creation. It comes along with all the video tutorials of every action you could do and every qualm you may face. If you have no one to answer your query then you may find the solution in one of the tutorials.

B. Open Source Plugin:

It implies that the source code of the plugin is made available to all the users. They can suggest any modification, add new functionality and fix errors if any. Not only developers have worked on it but also a majority of people who have a keen interest.

C. Revision History Feature:

It is plausible that while working on any project you can make a mistake. It can be so noxious that you can not be able to delete it. In such a scenario, revision history comes into play.

Elementor saves the changes you make in a special list. You can turn back to every stage in case if you have some trouble.

D. Active community:

If you have any query about anything regarding Elementor then you have a vast community. In the Facebook group, there are about 5000 of passionate participants. From there you can get an answer to your question. That too within a short time like within an hour.


Gutenberg has been developed by taking so much time. Still, it is not finally released. It will be released in WordPress version 5.0. But, it is made available for users now for a testing purpose.

WordPress team is in a hope that it will get about 1 lakh downloads before its official release. Some of its advantages are listed below.

A. Simple embedding:

You can add various content to your posts such as YouTube videos, Facebook or Twitter post and Instagram images to the page with ease. Specifically, it can embed content from 32 different platforms.

B. Mobile Compatibility:

Other plugins do not provide impeccable compatibility with mobile as that of Gutenberg. People are using mobile more then desktop, so it is designed to work with mobiles in a well-manner.

C. Clear Design:

It does not mean from an appearance point of view. It means that you can do customization with ease. In the drop-down list, all the elements are shown, everything will be clear. You do not face any distraction while doing your work.

D. Writing features:

Gutenberg has lots of features for bloggers like easy anchor bonding, a quoting mechanism and sidebar table of contents.

In earlier time WordPress was specifically created for blogging purpose. It is still one of the best blogging platforms with many other functionalities.

Some of the disadvantages of Both Plugins:

If you want to make a choice between two products then along with the advantages you have to compare its disadvantages also. And, nothing is perfect everything has its merits and demerits. Now, let us come across some disadvantages of both plugins.


A. Can tweak only content area:

In case you want to update header and footer section then you have to go to the dashboard area. A special plugin was available for header and footer customization but it is not available now.

B. No white level option:

It is the point of concern only for developers but a template developed by Elementor cannot be sold to the third party marketplaces.

C. Trouble in updating plugins:

Elementor developers launch updated plugins time to time. But, there can always be a problem with the design of plugins. But, you can choose which version you want to use the plugin you use.


A. Error issues:
These days testing of Gutenberg is going on. Developers and community are finding so many bugs. Developers are trying to fix them as soon as possible.

B. Beta software:

Currently, you cannot use it as a live software. You can test it and like it as well. You have to wait for the release of WordPress 5.0 to use Gutenberg as a live software.

C. Low rating on WordPress:

In the review section of, there are so many complaints about Gutenberg. The main problem exists with the builders work.
Wrap Up:
Now you all have read all the pros and cons of both the page builders. It is now up to you which you want to make use of. As per my opinion, Elementor is best for present use as it is bug-free now.

Gutenberg is still on the process of testing, it is good for future use when all its bugs will be removed.

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