How to Find Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using

Find Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using 1

WordPress is a huge platform which has uncountable themes. Most of these themes are designed with an intention to provide you with the most suitable of outcomes.

They are thus very flexible and allow simple personalization. The users of these themes are free to look around and check out what is being offered to them in the market.

They can see what all premium websites are available for sale on many platforms. The other option is to check out the website which is already in use.

If you find a Website that suits your need on another website then it is a little tricky to check out the name of the same. This makes people wonder how do I know which theme is being used.

Well, it is not a very difficult and long process. There are more than one ways in which you can find out which theme is being currently used.

Is it WordPress?

Now, this article talks about finding out the theme which WordPress has made hence it is important that you should find out whether it actually is WordPress.

Your efforts will go waste if the theme is not WordPress. You can look around and find ways to know for sure and then move ahead with the simple. Now once you have established then you must move ahead and check the theme which is being used.

There are many online tools which can help you in your quest all these are simple tools which are easily available. Let’s check one by one and see how they can support us.

What WordPress Theme is That

This is an online tool which helps the users find out which WordPress theme is being used. All one has to do is enter the URL and the tool will generate the answer.

This is a very popular website and high on functions. It not just shows what theme is being used but at the same time also shows the use of plug-ins.

What Theme

This is a focused tool which detects the theme along with the parent theme for the users. It works in a similar manner and when the URL is copied it detects the name of the theme and other information.

One advantage of using this is that it also shows the information about other content management systems like Joomla, Blogger etc.

Satori Studio What WordPress theme is that?

This is another theme detector tool and is a good one which lets you know the company or the author behind the theme developed and lets you easily contact them because once you know the company behind the theme you can connect with them for customizations or else get the theme to have a similar style of website.

WP Theme Detector

Another important name in line is the WP theme detector. This also simply shows the theme which is used by the site. Along with that, it shows the ranking of the same and how popular it is in the whole business.

If you wish to check out whether this is the best theme for my work then the tool is best suited for you. They provide the appreciation of the theme.

Scan WP

This one shows the theme in less time and also detects the parent themes and along with that shows many added information.

This shows the price one will have to pay for the theme and shows the plug-ins which are used. This is an effective one which tries to cover everything on the table.

If you are not sure of using the tools then there is another option for you the use of browser extension. This brings out the same results as the tools but what it saves are the efforts from the user’s side. There are some ways in which this can be used

Scan WP Extension

The users of the scan WP tools love the extension for Google chrome tool as well. It has all the features which are available in the other tool but what it additionally does is lessen your efforts.

This shows what theme along with the parent theme the site is using. You can even check for the plug-in.


This one is also and trusts worthy extension which has the ability to save time when the search for the theme is made. The tool shows the theme and the parent theme but does not show the plug-ins hence if that is the information which is enough then it is best.

WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector

This one is suited for both the browsers- Google Chrome and Plug-ins Mozilla Firefox. This is a powerful detector which shows the content management system and the theme along with the plug-in if you use the extension.

It might not be able to help you with the parent theme though. The main benefit is that it works on Mozilla which is rare when it comes to any such tools.

You can also manually check the theme which is done with the help of the .css file. Every WordPress theme has a unique .css code which can provide detail information on the name of the theme, the author, URL,version etc. to know about this you must first locate the file right click on the screen and click on view page source.

This will show the source code on the page. Looking at the lien of the source code you can get all the information that you have been looking for. Detect the theme name and all the relevant information.

You can move ahead and then find more information on the parent theme. It is common that most of the WordPress website use the child theme for the customization.

If you are looking for the parent theme then the theme header will have the information for you about the parent theme they are using. In this post, there are many ways mentioned on how to find the WordPress theme on the website.

It is a step by step process whether you will first have to find if the content management system being used is WordPress or not and then by using any of the methods which suits you the name of the theme and other relevant information can be detected.

The tools are all easily available and easy to use so the users will not have to make much effort no matter which method they choose.

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