How Does Hosting Server Location Impact Your Website’s SEO?

Hosting Server Location
The website gets ranked on the top of Google by considering some factors including your website’s hosting provider, on-page optimization process, website loading speed, and many more.

It has been stated that localized hosting is the best option for SEO plus they make sure to provide an enhanced user experience. Let’s see some other factors.

Hosting server location impact on website speed

When any user accesses your website, the action is monitored by the host plus goes through the internet. However, the data get transferred to the fastest speed to reach to the user computer.

Most of the networks are using fiber optic cables because it has a large capacity to sent the data in high speed(3*10^8 m/s).

If trying to use the same method most of the users will be received with a delay of 10 milliseconds that is not a good sign when it comes to user experience.

Impact on a website speed due to local web hosting

The location of a hosting server plays an important role when it comes to website speed. If the website’s data center is close to the users then your website will get load faster for such users.
website speed
The latency is the word that means the total time required while receiving and process the user requests. If the server is too away from the user, the website latency occurs. Hence, an increase in latency means a negative impact on the loading speed.

Some significant information about the speed of the website

1. 1-second delay in loading the pages means a 7% decline of conversion rate.
2. Most of the users will be diverted to another website if your website takes more than 3 seconds to get load.
3. The video on the website takes more loading time and buffer. Hence 80% of users will leave your website without watching the video.
4. Google has considered the major point while loading the website page i.e continuously calculating the SERP i.e search engine results pages.
5. Google has figured out some facts that if any user’s website taking much time to load more than 4/10th seconds they will lose more than 8 million searched per day. This means Google will not be able to serve your more online ads to the users.

Did you know that most of the company offers web hosting services in the UK, US, and India? If your clients belong to the country India then you should prefer to go with the hosting in India only.

Suppose, your clients are based in New York plus you have purchased the hosting in New York itself then your client can get 10x times much faster service as compare to the server hosted to the other location.

You can experience low latency if you prefer local hosting plus the website pages will get load faster. That is the reason best NYC web design companies preferred local hosting services.

Consider an example, if any person wants to reach in particular location of India, and he is from India itself, then he will not require much time to reach all clients in India.

However, consider if someone wants to reach anywhere in India but he has started the journey from the US, then he will require much time to reach any location of India.

The same situation is with the web pages. Therefore it is very essential to select proper hosting servers location as per your location and your audience to execute your request quickly.

How hosting server location is noticed by search engines

Some thoughts from Google:

The server location is mostly close to your users. However, every website uses different content delivery networks, for example, some uses distributed CDNs or some websites are hosting a country with the enhanced server infrastructure. Therefore try to not depend alone on any server location.

This scenario means that it is very essential to select a hosting server to the nearby location where your audience will be targeted. Even more than this is what assures that every website page should load faster. It doesn’t matter if the page is loading through the CDN or a closet server.
distributed CDN
Some top search engines allow you to set a target country with webmaster tools. Top search engines like Bing and Google.

If the domain name of your website is .in then you will not be able to target another country location because .in is specified for India location only.

Instead, register the website domain name with .com so that you can target a number of country locations throughout the world. Plus you have full control to target any location by specifying it on webmaster tools.

In case you are unable to specify the target location then Google will decide and perform the whole process on the basis of given factors.

1.Server’s IP address.
3.The information which belongs to local SEO.
4.Other information like contact details, content snippets, etc.

So it is very important for your website that the target location and customer should be all over the world. Then you have to choose a proper hosting server location.

For Geo-targeting whether the hosting server location is most essential or not?

If you are using ccTD or other geo-targeting tools, then you dont need to worry about the server location. Therefore it is much important that you assure that your site is hosted in such a way that it will get load faster. Plus try to use a server location that is nearby users.

As per Google standards, loading page speed plays an important role in better user experience plus loading speed is one of the factors that can rank your website to the top of search engines. Hence you must focus on geo-location to enhance the SERPs.

If you are preferring the hosting server location that is closure to your users, then definitively the web pages will be loaded quickly plus your user can feel good user experience.

At the end of the day search engines rank the website that are so comfortable and beneficial to your users. As we are aware of important factor of SEO i.e. response time.

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