The Best Web Hosting Services Of 2022

Best Web Hosting Services

When you start a new business it is the best idea to create your website especially these days. Designing your business website is somewhat mandatory for your business popularity.

But when you design your website you need a proper web hosting service. There are a variety of web companies who are providing hosting services.

Before deciding from where you want to take hosting service you have to decide the budget. Then have to consider various features provided by them and you want which type of service.

There are three main services provided by hosting companies:

A. Shared hosting(cheapest among all)
B. VPS hosting(more flexible)
C. Dedicated servers(for complex websites)

So, in this post, we are going to discuss about various web hosting services which are prevailing in the market. Going through this list you can make your choice easily.

1. SKT Themes Hosting :

It is the best option you have if you want to take shared hosting. It provides hosting services for WordPress as well as business. Web design services are also provided by them.

Support provided by them is also good. SKT themes  hosting is one the world’s largest independent hosting companies. Both cPanel and managed WordPress hosting has been provided by them.

Performance in testing is also good, it is above average. SKT themes hosting provides both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Technical features incorporates PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python and PHP 7 support.

2. 1&1:

It is the second best option for shared hosting. It is a Germany based hosting companies and it also has its name in the top list. 1&1 also provides free services. Free services of this company is not a bad option.

Provides you a free domain and free SSL certificate, the support system is also good. 24/7 support will be provided via chat or phone call in all of the free packages.

A free web design software is also provided and a graphics archive. So, here hosting services available with so many add on services. Money back guarantee is also provided which is for 30 days.

3. HostGator Hatchling:

If you want the cheapest price then you can go with this. Hostgator Hatchling is the Dallas based hosting company which is well-known for its hatchling plan.

It made you available with endless features of its hatchling plan. The plan incorporates no limits on bandwidth, MySQL databases, web space, sub-domains, FTP and email accounts.

But there is also a limitation of this plan. You can host only a single website with this hatchling plan. Money back guarantee is also made available which is for 45 days.  24/7 customers support has been provided.

4. Dreamhost:

It provides maximum security features. Provides comprehensive domain management tools for those who are familiar with website administration.

Dreamhost offers WordPress, VPS, shared, web and dedicated hosting that also bombarded with various custom features. Implausible money back guarantee, which is of enormous 97 days.

24/7 Customer support will be provided via email or twitter. With this much endless services at a low price, one can select this for web hosting.

5. GoDaddy:

It is one of the best host services which is US based. GoDaddy is the name which lies in everyone’s mouth when talking about hosting services. It is the one which has done its advertisement on television also.

This is also the reason for its popularity. It provides decent service and easy services to develop a website. Provides cPanel-powered Linux hosting.

One of the best features is, you can increase hosting capacity directly from your account. This way, it becomes more convenient for anyone to extend services.

6. Bluehost:  

WordPress is considered to be the best web builder platform. Bluehost is a WordPress preferred partner and is Utah based hosting company. It is doing a good task of providing more features at a low cost.

Getting more features at a low cost is specifically better for the start-up businesses. And those also who do not have much experience. A variety of features is also made available for advanced users(who are experienced).

It provides free services as well. Provides a free Weebly-based website builder to create a site up to six pages and a free domain also. But, one thing to keep in mind is with website builder templates are not encompassed.

It provides user-friendly and more featured pack. Customization will also be provided by them as per the user demand.

7. WP Engine:

It is also a well-known hosting platform and is widely known by most. It only provides manged WordPress hosting. Other features which are provided by other hosting companies are not provided by this.

That is no VPS, dedicated servers or any other E-commerce plan is being provided by WP engine. But, you can get some of the advantages if you choose WP Engine as your hosting provider.

A custom caching system optimizes the performance of your website. Threat detection has also done, if there is any problem then they fix it for free.

Any of its plans can be used on a free basis for staring 60 days. It is best if you want to do customization. Support is also provided 24/7.

How To Choose:

If you want to select a web hosting service then you have to consider various aspects. Like security requirements, budget consideration, resource needs, scalability expectations and many others.

So, it is the first and foremost need to identify your requirements. Do you want to control your server? What is your preferred budget? Do you have high traffic or low traffic?

After identifying your requirements it is somewhat easy for you to make a selection based on your requirements. You can then easily compare various hosting service companies and features provided by them.

After identifying your requirements it is hassle free to select which type of hosting you want.

Wrap Up:

We have given you the choice of the best web hosting services. As per your requirements you can select the one which suits your needs. All of them are good but the difference lies in the features provided by them and pricing as well.


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