Why Designers Need To Learn To Code

Designers Need To Learn To Code

It may be possible that it sounds pointless that web designers need to learn to code. Specifically, it sounds of no use when you are working in print design. But due to some reasons, it is a good idea to learn to code even for the designers.

Firstly, learn to code it does not mean that you have to become a fully fledged developer. For designers, it is not mandatory to know each and every aspect of coding and all core technicalities. Web designers in India are very skillful, most of them know the basics of coding.

Secondly, if you do not know to code then you never have a clear idea of coding the studio on which you are working. It is not a bad idea to learn to code if you consider from a future perspective.

If designers have only a basic idea of coding, then it is much convenient for them to dictate their ideas to coders. It is now mandatory for designers to learn to code, not for purpose of developing.

But, designers can make use of their coding knowledge to express design functioning to peers. Also, coding can help them in near future to take advantage of new opportunities. Now we are discussing how designers can start learning in the coding world.

1. Code experimentation
2. Do some coding course
3. Learn from an expert developer
4. Scrutinize others code

We are going into detailed discussion of the above-mentioned ways. This way it is easy for you to understand each thoroughly.

Designers Need To Learn To Code

1. Code Experimentation:

Learning code is not an easy task. If you are thinking that you have asked from anyone and you learn. It sounds so simple yet it’s much tricky. Till when you do not do practice on your own it is not possible to learn.

Whatever you have asked, see or learn from anyone you have to put all that into practice. Try to build new things, play around with code or try to do some modification in the existing code.

This is the only possible way by which you can learn how to code. Without doing self-practice learning code is just an impossible task. It is a fun also to do all these stuff. Designers can also try to write code of designs which they have designed.

It is prudent for web designers in India and others as well to start from the small things. Try to put existing knowledge of coding into practice. One can begin with spacing and layout, perceiving how web grids work and used.

Then move slowly to next level that is terminology, type treatments and color and likewise. Learning coding for a designer is truly a fun experience.

2. Do some coding course:

It is one of the vital aspects to learn to code. You can join some coding classes whichever you want to learn. As, there in the classes or any institute, you have someone you can ask your queries. In institutes, you can also take knowledge from your fellow students.

But it is not good that once after you leave classes you left your practice also. After completing your course you have to keep on learning from online video tutorials or courses.

One can opt for any of the coding languages. But at the very first step, it is advisable to learn HTML and CSS. HTML gives only the basic format or structure. CSS defines how the document can be presented in various ways like fonts, layouts, colors and the like.

If one wants to give gracious animated effects to their website then it is possible by JavaScript. It is more advanced and complex as compared to HTML and CSS.

But many technological advancements have done so that one can give beautifully animated effects by using CSS too. As many new versions of CSS have come.

The latest version of CSS is CSS3 using which one can design an elegant website with animated effects. Web designers in India prefer to use CSS3 for designing an animated website.

3. Learn from an expert developer:

It is a good idea to connect with developers to learn code. It is best if you are working in a company where developers also work. You can ask them for help regarding coding purpose.

If they agree, you can interact with them about their skills, ideas and concerns. From them, you can get a better knowledge of how to implement the coding of your design.

If you are not working in such a company then you have to search for other options. You can go to seminars, meet-ups or workshops there also you can gain much knowledge.

Obviously, things will be harder at the starting, but eventually, you would be satisfied that you have taken efforts. If you learn any new skills it is better to use it on smaller projects.

Learn things in a well-planned process, that is step-by-step and enjoy little achievements. You can also ask other experienced coders if you are facing any difficulty. Take help online also.

4. Scrutinize others code:

You can take help from others coding also. By keeping an eye on other coders work you can gain much knowledge. You can learn a lot about coding by inspecting others code and reconstructing it.

You can use online tools which are available to inspect the coding which you like most. Then you can start to work again in the backward direction and came to know how that design came.

You can try out to do some changes like changing colors, layout, font style and likewise. Through this, web designers in India can analyze the level of skill they own and what are the future scopes which they need to learn.

Specifically, you get an idea of what will you do exactly if you have all these things(structure) available.

It is pretty much possible that sometimes you get stuck while doing some coding task. In that situation, you can make use of online tools like stack overflow and get connected with experts for help. One can also use other other online platforms.

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