How To Find Out If A Website Is Run On WordPress?

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Most new websites are built on it and older ones are sticking to it. Be it blogs or e-commerce, WordPress has turned out to be ideal for all kinds of website building today.

But if you are a developer who is curious how to find if website run on WordPress or not, you have landed on the right article. Firstly, there are many reasons why a developer would be curious to find if website run on WordPress.

For starters, everybody knows how popular WordPress is today. It has evolved from being a blogging platform to a pretty powerful content management system.

If you stumble on an incredibly cool website that has a lot of animation, you would wonder whether or not WordPress can support that kind of JavaScript.

And then, of course, if there’s a website will brilliant design and layout; you would want to know if a WordPress theme did the trick there.

These days there are hardly any differences between blogs and professionally built websites. Many developers are curious to learn more and find out the differences. But with WordPress closing the gap on these differences, there aren’t many reasons to snoop around.

WordPress has changed the online publishing world for good and developers are learning more and more by just dismantling websites and understanding what they are built on.

Whatever may be the reason, it’s always good to stay curious and be on top of your developing game. There might be new and improved themes and plugins released by WordPress that you aren’t aware of yet.

Steps To Find Out If A Website Is Run On WordPress

There also might be other functionalities you see in a website that makes you want to find if website run on WordPress. Let’s look at the various ways of how to find out if a website is running on WordPress.

1. The Obvious Methods

Someone on the website, like the footer, you will find a line that says, “Powered by WordPress” This is the most obvious sign to find if website run on WordPress.

The other way to find out is to check the admin area. Since every WordPress website has an admin area, this is a giveaway for sure. Simply go to the website and add wp-login.php to the URL and you will find if website run on WordPress or not.

But there might be some smart developers who hide their login screens and add additional layers of security so no one can log in to their websites.

Although it may be an obvious method to find if website run on WordPress or not, it needn’t always hit the bull’s eye for you. Try the other methods we will go on to talk about in case you don’t strike gold with these obvious methods.

2. Spying Tools

There are several tools you could use to find if website run on WordPress or not.

a) BuiltWith – Simply enter the website’s URL in the space given in this tool and get the answer to your query immediately. It’s a great tool for your own website too if you want to find out details that you might have overseen.

b) What WordPress Theme Is That – This tool helps in not only finding out if the website is powered by WordPress but also gives you the information of the theme it is using.

c) – This is another online tool that can reveal to to find if website run on WordPress or not. Just like the other tools mentioned, even with this one, you have to simply enter the website’s URL in the given space and you will have your answer instantly.

d) WordPress Theme Search – This might not read like it’s a WordPress website searcher, but if the website is using a WordPress theme, then it’s a given that website runs on WordPress itself. As with the other themes, use the same step of writing the URL in their search page and then get your answer immediately.

3. Browser Extensions

Besides the tools we mentioned above, you can also use some web browser extensions like BuiltWith for Firefox and Chrome Sniffer for Google Chrome. Another extension is Wappalyzer, which checks the content management system of the website.

It also works if you want to find out the website’s JavaScript framework, e-commerce platform, and server information.

Appspector is another browser extension you can install, which does the same as Wappalyzer. This will make it a lot easier and quicker for you to check if a website was built on WordPress or not.

Then there’s Library Sniff Extension. This extension is available on for Google Chrome. And with this extension, you will immediately find if website run on WordPress or not. It will also give you insights on Google Analytics and others.

4. Source Code

If none of the above methods worked for you, get to the source code of the site and search for wp-content or wp-uploads. Just go to any part of the webpage and click right. Then click on ‘view source’.

If it’s a WordPress site, it will most definitely link itself to wp-content and wp-uploads, especially when it has a lot of images on display.

You can also find the ‘generator’ tag in the head section. If you find if website run on WordPress, you will find a code that mentions “WordPress”, unless it has been deleted.

5. Web Developer

If you aren’t a developer and still want to find if website run on WordPress or not, simply ask your developer.

They will find out using all the methods mentioned above and give you your answers in a short time. Many developers build websites and don’t disclose what open software they have built their clients’ websites on.

Through this article, you can learn how to find if website run on WordPress or not easily. It’s a very interesting process that will make you learn about how websites are built on platforms like WordPress.

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