Actionable Steps Towards Writing a Great WordPress Blog Post

how to write a blog post

There are so many of us who wants to start a blog but just shy away from the idea. This is mainly due to the lack of technical awareness and lack of information.

The users who are worrying about technical awareness should know that there are many simple ways to start a blog without much technical knowledge. In this guide, we’ll go through the steps of how to write a blog post with WordPress.

If they feel that they have some ideas that are worth sharing then they must use the below content to start the blog. This is a comprehensive guide that will allow you to create the blog of your choice with the suitable features.

The process is simple to follow and the steps are broken down so that anyone can follow them to create a blog post.

What is Required to Start a Blog with WordPress?

There are majorly three important things that you will require o create a blog

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting service
  • Blog content

This is all that is primarily required to create a blog. The blog can be created in just less than 30 mins but if you want to make it effective then you can keep adding features and elements to it. the basic requirement is 30 mins undivided attention to set everything right and create a blog.

Set up

You must think very carefully about the blogging platform. We all know that WordPress is the most popular and very user-friendly platform.

Beginners should not hesitate for a second and choose this over other platforms. It started as a blogging platform and now has added many features to its lists.

The bloggers should thus trust the platform and enjoy the features it provides. This is a free source and thus just appropriate for the beginners. All you need is a WordPress account and you can get started.

The next thing that you will require is a domain name. This is a name that your blog will be identified with and thus it should be chosen carefully. Think of something which is unique to avoid confusion from the rest.

The domain name should also be easy to remember and should speak volumes about the blog. You will be required to get this domain name registered so that it belongs to you. There is a cost associated with the domain name registration which is not a lot.

Now you will need a web hosting service. There are a lot of options for web hosting services. He bloggers can choose any of them. The few things that they should remember while choosing a web hosting service is that it should be reliable.

The content of the blog will be available to the outside world via the web hosting service. It should provide maximum uptime as the downtime negatively affect the image of the blog. There are many different plans that are available with these web hosting services.

Website blogger should choose the plan that best suits them. The new bloggers should go for the shared plan as they are cost effective.

They can choose a special plan when their blog is established and has sufficient amount of visitors. They will then generate revenue from it and the special plan cost will be justified.

There are a lot of guides available online which can help the new blogger with suggestion on how to choose a web hosting service.

In case of any doubt, you can consult that. The WordPress also has an online active community which will support the bloggers with the right advice.

Install WordPress

Depending on the web hosting you choose your installation will depend. The common process for them all is t use the admin panel and look for the domain name for your blog.

Here you will be prompted to add the site name, username, and password. Your account is now up and active. You will now be asked to create the blog.

WordPress has a lot of themes that you can choose. The blogger should not get overwhelmed and choose something simple. They should not try anything very heavy for the beginning.

Most of the themes come with basic features and the bloggers always have the option of adding features to the site later.

You can manage the whole appearance of the blog from the appearance section. You can try many features that suit your need.

As a new blogger, you are again advised to use the free versions as the blog will take sometime generating revenue and it is a smart thing to do. Choose simple layouts and simple features as well.

The whole theme can be customized by clicking on the link again under the appearance menu. You can take the help of the experts to help you find the right theme.

Create the Blog Now

Click on the first blog post for this click on the post. Add new using the WordPress dashboard. Now comes the content. You must understand that content is the king and most of the blogs become unpopular because the content is not relevant to the readers.

The content should be created by the bloggers keeping the readers in mind. The blogs should be created in a way that the readers find it easy to read and should have information that is useful. The bloggers should be careful while writing and should avoid any mistakes while writing.

Add the plug-ins to improve the features and functionalities of the blog. One can add forms, galleries ,and sliders etc. Plug-ins are apps which add to the functionalities of the blog.

When the blog gains popularity then the platform can be used to generate revenue. You will have to add advertisement and there are other options to generate revenue using the same.

Make sure that your blog is focused on providing quality content and not generating profit. This will ensure that blog will be of high-quality and thus will maintain the popularity and promises.

You can share the blog now as it is ready to be shared. The bloggers can keep changing the features when they deem fit.

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