Spa WordPress Themes for Massage Parlour Beauty Salon Service Sites

spa WordPress themes

Given the fact that a lot of users have started showing more interest in remaining fit, and specifically in getting toned down right, in remaining fit with focus on personal appearance – this may be the right time for you to establish your online website using Spa WordPress Themes for your business.

If your business happens to be about spa, keeping physically fit or even in massage and styling, then you would definitely want to check out some of the top spa WordPress themes.

Given the fact that there are already millions of websites out there, in the same niche and targeting the same demographic, you would want your website to stand out for the right reasons, which is why it makes sense to opt for spa WordPress themes.

Best Spa WordPress Themes for Massage Parlour

And as you check out these spa WordPress themes, you should know that the themes have been specifically designed to be multipurpose and come loaded with advanced functionality in the form of user centric features, interactive galleries and more.

1. Reiki pro:

Physical Therapy WordPress Theme


Reiki pro is just what you need for your physical therapy website; the theme is a multipurpose one and one that has been specifically developed for physical therapists, massage specialists and more.

As it is, the theme comes pre-loaded with SKT page builder with which it should be easy for you to build and manage your website. Additionally, it features color and font changing functionality, so you can customize and tweak the theme as needed.

This is a simple theme and as such, it comes with a neat layout, an intuitive design that should enable users to enjoy a better user experience. Check it out to know more,

2. SKT spa:

SKT Spa WordPress Theme


If you are running a spa, then this particular SPA WordPress themes would be picture perfect for your website.

As it is the SKT spa is a multipurpose and responsive theme; it also happens to be compatible with third party plugins including the various booking pluigns such as easy bookings, and is also woo commerce compatible.

It is a dynamic theme that comes with 404, search, categories and various other sections including an interactive gallery which you can use to feature high resolution images of your spa.

It also comes with an interesting layout as well as a blog feature which you can blog about your spa as well. Check it out,

3. Cutsnstyle pro:



If you are operating a hair salon or a beauty spa, then you would definitely want to check out this SPA WordPress theme. The Cutsnstyle Pro is a well designed, multipurpose, responsive theme and one that has been intuitively designed.

As such, it comes with drop down menus, default slider with 12 animation effects, 580+ font based icon pack and more. What makes this theme stand out is the simplicity of the overall design and layout, which should make it easier for your users to navigate your website.

As it is, the spa WordPress themes is compatible with third party plugins as well as woo commerce so you can utilize sliders on top of the page to feature the opening times of the shop, as well as introduce several user centric features on your website. You should check out the same,

4.Massage center:

Massage Center WordPress Theme


There are lot of Spa WordPress themes The massage center theme has been specifically designed for the beauty and wellness, and to be more specific, for beauty and massage.

It is a dynamic theme, which also happens to be multipurpose and responsive. It also happens to come with color changing options so you can use the same to customize the theme as per your preference.

As it is, it comes with a nice slider, with more controls over the various features along with advanced functionality. You may want to take a closer look at the same.

5.Beauty cuts:

beauty cuts


If you are operating a hair salon, then you would need to definitely checkout this SPA WordPress theme for the simple reason that it has been hand coded and designed spherically for hair salons.

Beauty cuts happens to be a multipurpose and responsive theme, so your users should be able to check out you website from any device without loss of resolution or functionality.

The theme comes with a nice layout as well as all the advanced functionality you need. It is cross browser compatible and what’s more, you can use third party plugins with this theme and enhance the user experience on your website. Check it out,

6. SKT perfect:

perfect new


If you are looking for a commercial WordPress theme, then you would definitely need to make a beeline for SKT perfect.

What makes this particular theme stand out is the fact that it comes with 20 themes in one, with the themes themselves being multipurpose and responsive.

In simple terms, your users can access your website from any device without any issue or loss of functionality or for that matter, resolution. These themes come with pre-installed spa WordPress themes and happen to be translation ready as well.

And moreover, they are all compatible with third party plugins, woo commerce so you should be able to provide your users with all the advanced functionality they need and more. Check it out,

7.Meditation pro:

Meditation Pro WordPress Theme


If you want to set up a website for your meditation class, then you would want to check out this SPA WordPress theme. The meditation pro is one theme that has been specifically coded and designed for meditation and other forms of fitness sessions.

The theme itself is responsive and multipurpose; it comes with cross browser compatibility and is also compatible to third party plugins as well as woo commerce.

What makes this theme stand out is the fact that it comes with 800+ Google fonts and that it can be easily customized.

And as the theme is compatible to third party plugins, you can install cache plugins and improve the speed of your web pages.

On the whole, it happens to be an attractive theme, one that works fine with various page builder plugins – which should enable you to develop unique and well designed web pages with ease.

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