10 Top Typography Tools For Web Designers

Are you aware of the term typography? Basically, it is the style, arrangement and presentation of text. If we talk about websites then content representation also plays an important role.

Consider, if your content is much good but you have not represented it in a better way. Then, it would not look eye-catching.

So, you have to opt for the best typography to make best and unique appearance of your text. While in web design, designers have to pay attention to typography as well.

There are many typographic tools also available. Here we are diving into the detail of some of the best typographic tools. We are including tools to find impeccable font pairing and libraries from where you can download fonts.

1. Canva Font combination:

You just have to select starter font. Then, with the help of this tool, you are made available with a variety of ideas for pairing. This is the best tool if you want to see some latest ideas which are trending.

Here the font listing is not much large. A pairing in situ can also be seen that also with live examples. One can refer it to get some inspirational idea in the beginning.

2. FontFace Ninja:

Has it happened to you ever, you have visited any website and wondered to know about the font. That is you like the font and want to know each and every aspect of it. Is it possible?

Yes, of course, it is possible with FontFace Ninja Chrome. It lets you know about the font family, weight and even font size can be known.

And, you do not need to do any difficult task for this, you just have to hover over the text. By just hovering, you get all the details about the font.

3. Gridlover:

This is a free tool which is used to set the scaling rules dynamically. It is just impeccable when you are leveling the font size and spacing on the web page. And, when you are wondering about what size will be just perfect for H1 and H2 titles.

Scaling rules are applied to headers in the web design. This task can be made much easier with this tool. It can also prove to be good when you are giving designs to a developer. If you want to put consistency between design and code then output CSS and rules are much useful.

4. Hoefler & Co:

Hoefler & Co. is one of the best font foundries on the web which consist of various fonts. One of their website ‘discover.typography’ is an awesome place where you can discover the latest fonts. All fonts which are available here are designed with beautiful typesetting experiments.

5. Adobe Typekit:

This is loaded with a myriad of web-safe fonts. It is the most effective and safe place for Google fonts. The best thing about this, its ability to rewrite sample text and filter through typography styles.

Kits are being created for individual projects and you can navigate to a variety of available fonts. No matter you choose any type of text but after the typographic filter, it is made available with an elegant style.

After selecting the font it is much hassle-free to install it on a web page with some lines of codes. Codes are included in the head of HTML and CSS script.

6. TypeWolf:

Name itself suggests that it is a repository of fonts. When it comes to select a font for your project then it becomes much confusing. You have to think properly to make the impeccable choice.

In the process of font selection, you have to go through some steps of trial and error also. It is one of the immaculate sources for best fonts. This is perfect for designers who want to see a real-time view of text on their web design.

7. Fonts.com:

Font repositories like Google font and Adobe Typekit are always a great option. But if you see other websites then you can find some of the fonts from these two repositories.

That is fonts which are contained by these two are widely used in web design. If you are in a fond of unique fonts then this is the best place.

Here you find a wide variety of fonts and you can also see how they are being used by others designers. This is preferred especially when you want to give your website more unique and individual look.

8. Font Flame:

It is most crucial to making your content look eye-catching. If you want to represent your content with font-pairing then selecting a perfect match is vital.

For creating a good reading experience the two fonts must make a perfect concoction. Font Flame is a tool by using which you can match fonts with ease. You can also see a preview before final implementation.

9. Emotypes:

Selection of fonts plays a crucial role. As it is just a voice which we are delivering to viewers by a medium of fonts. Fonts basically set the tone of our message which we write in websites.

This task becomes convenient with the help of emotypes. You can select your font based on the tone of the message which you want to convey to your visitors. In emotypes, fonts are categorized into four groups of motions which are welcoming, unique, neutral and confident.

10. IDEO’s font map:

It is much natural for designers to go for earlier ready-made pairing for fonts. Although, Original font pairing is an incontestable way to make your website outstanding in the marketplace.

Basically, IDEO map has just started as an experiment of pairing various fonts. But, now it has emerged as one of the best font pairing tools.

It creates Unique and unusual font pairings. IDEO’s Font Map, created by Kevin Ho, in this you can see a pairing of approx 750+ web fonts.    

These are the best libraries and tools of fonts where web designers can find a variety of fonts. Fonts are the foremost requirement to make your web design attractive and graceful.

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