23 Amazing Free Google Web Fonts

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There are many fonts available if you want to design your website or for any digital project. There are a plethora of Google web fonts on the internet these days. In this post, we are discussing some of the best free web fonts provided by Google.

Amazing Free Google Web Fonts

1. Anton:

If you want sans serif kind of traditional font with some modern touch then you can go for Anton. It is just the reshape of sans serif. It has gone through some of the digitization and now used as web fonts.

2. Spectral:

It is one of the best Google web fonts created by production type in Paris. It is made available with seven categories from seven weights of italic and roman. Spectral has been incorporated with extra-light to extra-old with small caps included.

3. Rubik:

Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer have designed this at Hubert and Fischer. It is suited both to give headings as well as to write copy head. It is a sans serif family with five weights-Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black.

4. Bubblegum Sans:

It was designed by Angel Koziupa of Sudtipos and produced by Ale Paul. We can say this as a tribute to the old 1930’s advertising. It is somewhat similar to the lettering that was used in the late 1930’s advertisement.

5. Karla:

It was designed by Jonny Pinhorn. Karla is a grotesque sans-serif typeface with all three types. That is bold, italic and regular. It has some elegant nice vagary on ‘y’ and ‘q’. Latin and Tamil scrips are also supported by it.

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6. Monoton:

It is best suited to be used as a heading. Monoton is proving its effectiveness with its use in approx 320,000 websites. Designed by Vernon Adams. It is a modern trend in the old metalpress font.

7. Neuton:

Neuton is much similar to Times if we talk about its structure. It is impeccable for body copy. Designed by Brian Zick, is well versed and Dutch-inspired face. It is provided with Extra-Light, Light, Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Extra Bold types.

8. Baloo:

Baloo is presented in a rounded font style. A most vital aspect of Baloo is that “ It is available in nine Indian scripts. It is malleable and also looks decent. According to its Google Fonts description, Baloo is “a perfect blend of pointy paws in a coat of fur”

9. Lilita One:

We can say it as a blend of different styles. It is somewhat rounded, a little bit condensed and little bit vagary. It is a good font for a headline. Can be best used at 40 pt.

10. Alegreya SC:

Alegreya SC suited for both to give headline or to be included in body copy. If you are in a search of all-caps typeface then your search ends here. You can deliver it with the rest of Alegreya family for splendid texture in your content.

11. Lora:

As per the Google web font description, “the overall typographic voice of Lora perfectly conveys the mood of a modern-day story or an art essay”. It is impeccable to heap the body text. It is made available in Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Bold Italic.

12. EB Garamond:

It is the renaissance of old Claud Garamond’s classic typeface which was famous in the 16th century. It is made available only in regular font type. However, EB Garamond is transcendent and elegant.

13. Arvo:

It is usually a large font. We can say it as a hunk of letters. Basically, arvo is coherent to use in any 30+ pt. It is large then other fonts, therefore, is best suited for giving headlines.

14. Kaushan Script:

Kaushan is basically a script font that knowingly neglects typographic perfection. It’s an imperfect design with some curves and uneven positioning made it unique and outstanding. It can even be readable at small sizes. But it is recommended to use it as heading only.

15. Space Mono:

It is simply  used in headlines as well as body text. Space Mono is somewhat funky font which can be used to attract people. It is a fixed-width family with typographic perfection. And is available in bold and regular.

16. Julius Sans one:

It is similar to the roman font, with a contemporary touch to some of its fonts. This blend of classic and contemporary made it superb. You can also pair it with likes of Lato Light for a more simplify low-key style.

17. Wire One:

It is much thin font style that one cannot use it below 12 pt. But wire One as the name suggests something like of thin wire. But it is aesthetic and its microscopic dot terminals are just quite wonderful.

18. Courgette:

It is only available in the italic font. Courgette is designed splendidly with its low-contrast impact. If you want to use it in the body text then you have to use it in a large pt. You cannot use it better for heading.

19. Righteous:

Righteous is inspired by the capital letterforms from the deco posters of Hungarian artist Robert Bereny. You can see an akin of the avant-garde in this Google web font. It is eye-catching when one use it in larger pt. It has round corners.

20. Cormorant:

It consists of Roman, Italic, Infant, Infant Italic, Garamond, Garamond Italic, Upright Cursive, Small Caps, and Unicase. Cormorant is a leviathan if we talk about a free typeface. Five weights  are available Medium, Light, Regular, SemiBold and Bold.

21. Bungee Shade:

If you are finding something unique to get started with your new graphics project. Then, Bungee shade is impeccable for you. It is good to use for headlines as it has a bold and large font face.

22. Roboto:

Rhythmic sans is used in combination with Roboto Slab and Roboto Condensed. Roboto is one of the open source Google web fonts which is found in approx 16,000,000 websites. That is why it is more popular.

23. Amatic SC:

It can be used well versed with headlines as well as shorter text in the copy of body text. Amatic SC is one of the best open-source font which is available.
Hope this post helps you in choosing fonts from a set of Google web fonts.



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