What do you know (and not know) about E-commerce trends for WordPress website

It is good that sometimes you take knowledge of what is happening around the world, what technological changes are taking place around us. If we want that our business will keep on moving with the changing technological environment, environmental scanning is the best way to get the things in place.

There is a drastic progress in e-commerce WordPress themes these days. So let us discuss some of the trends about E-commerce for the WordPress website.

1. Top 4 digital content categories
2. Devices driving E-commerce traffic
3. Platform people are using for their online store
4. Artificial Intelligence: Chat-bots
5. Woocommerce
6. Sell Downloads
7. A Smart reporter for Woocommerce and WP e-commerce
8. Instant marketplace for WordPress

Now, let us discuss the given points in detail by which we can understand about the E-commerce trends for WordPress website.


Top 4 digital content categories:

It is though difficult to categorize all the different digital transaction online. Here we are discussing only four categories which are listed in order, according to their share as follows:

a. Music downloads
b. Movie and TV streaming
c. Mobile apps
d. E-books

Here, surprising factor is that music downloads are first in share percentage as compare to the other which have been listed. There are many WordPress themes which are designed for all the four categories which are listed above.

Among all four, E-books have the lowest share which is most unexpected to most of us. So, if anyone who wants to design e-commerce WordPress themes they have to keep in mind this point that

Devices driving E-commerce traffic:

This factor may be known by mostly everyone, that mobile phones are being used by each and every people these days. So, e-commerce traffic is attracted on a high percentage by the mobile devices.

We are here considering three categories which are listed below according to their percentage of attracting more traffic:

a. Mobile
b. Desktop
c. Tablets

As we see Tablets have the lowest percentage of share as tablets are not being used by many people on a regular basis. These days, if people want to do any search about anything or they, have any query then their first priority is to using the mobile phone as it is a handy device as compared to other two.

Platform people are using for their online store:

It is a most important point to consider that the platforms which are designed by the WordPress are doing well or not.

There are many platforms designed by the WordPress which can be used to design online shopping application and that platform provides good features also.

Plugins are also being designed to add different functionality to the website. One of the most used and popular platforms is woo-commerce. We will discuss in detail about woo-commerce in the coming section.

Here is the list of the different organizers which are doing well in hosting their online store. There are many e-commerce WordPress themes have been developed which provides great flexibility.

1. Volusion– 2,685 stores in the top 1 million
2. BigCommerce– 4,413 stores in the top 1 million
3. Shopify– 9,498 stores in the top 1 million
4. Magento – 14,800 stores in the top 1 million
5. WooCommerce– 24,000 stores in the top 1 million

Therefore, we can see that WooCommerce have the highest among all which have been listed here.

Artificial Intelligence: Chat-bots

It is an interesting service provided. Do you all know about this or not? So here we go to know about this. Through this facility, customers can take an advantage to communicate with chat-bot which can answer any question which is being asked by the customer.

A chat-bot is very useful for any business as by using this facility a business can offer its customers services over many more different platforms.

Currently, Victoria Secret, Sephora, H&M have already applied chat-bot in their support system. For example, Burger King and pizza hut customers can directly place their order by using Twitter or Facebook messenger by messaging restaurant’s chain’s bots.

People have developed chat-bots by their own, which can also be applied to the WordPress platform. One of the examples is My Chatbot” which is designed by Daniel Powney.


It is most widely used customized platform provided by the WordPress and is popularly known by most of the people, due to its magnificent functionality and features. It is a free e-commerce plugin which allows you to sell anything online in an effective and efficient manner.

It has now become the world’s favorite e-commerce solution which is being used by most of the businesses for promoting their business online.

It gives full control to the store owner who is using it to develop his shopping website and the developer also. Woo-commerce now owns 30% among all the online stores. Memberships and subscriptions can be offered with the premium extensions.

Sell Downloads:

It is also a trending e-commerce plugin which provides easy online marketing for the store owners. By using these plugin you can also share your products on social websites like Facebook and Twitter.

It makes the sale process easy and secure by using PayPal as the payment gateway. It is specifically designed for selling downloadable files like audio, pictures, documents, video all that stuff which can be published on the internet.

Using the sell download is an easy task only you have to do is that define the products which you want to sell and the PayPal data.

A Smart reporter for WooCommerce and WP e-commerce:

The Smart reporter has been presented by the Storeapps dot org. It is an exclusive and ultimate plugin to extend your business online.

Descriptive statistical data about the store, production and sales are being provided by this plugin. By using this plugin it is helpful for a store owner to focus on the other things which are required for a business to progress.

Give this plugin a try to handle your business and you will get surprised by the result. If you want to track key indicators which are necessary for the online success of a business like what is the sales percentage today, new customers today, if there are any refunds remaining or not, to check if there is any order remaining or not to fulfill. Such details can be given to you properly by the smart reporter, which can solve half of your problem.

Instant marketplace for WordPress:

Instant marketplace, the name itself is so attractive for the viewers isn’t? So, do you all agree with me or not? Not only the name is attractive but it also provides the functionality and features in accordance with its name.

It is mechanized by Pixter dot  me. It is a free e-commerce plugin through which any of your images can be sold straightly from an instant store which has been deployed for you.

There is no lengthy process of selling it is possible with just a click of a button. It does not need any integration, it is already fully fledged with all the necessary features of the online business.


Now, after reading this article most of you know about the changing trends in E-commerce for WordPress websites. These days E-commerce WordPress themes are on the boom as everyone wants to expand their business across online boundaries. Hence you should have a reliable WordPress hosting for your website which can allow you to scale up your eCommerce website to greater heights.

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