How to Create Local Search Directory Website on WordPress

Create Local Search Directory Website on WordPress

The use of Directory websites have grown over the years, this is because they are extremely useful. They allow you to quickly find a list of restaurant, the theater which is playing your movie, find a mechanic or a plumber in the nearby area, or other such similar types of services with a simple click of the mouse.

There is no end to the type of content the directory website can hold. They are in simple word collection of links that are divided into categories, niches, areas of interests etc.

The search can be made with a simple click on the type of service you are looking for.

What are the Benefits to Create Local Search Directory Website?

There are many reasons why one should have a Directory website set by their own. When you are clear on what it will bring you the set-up stages and process will become simple.

Paid Listings:- This is a great way to make some extra money. The website owner can charge the business owners for submitting the business name to the list. There could be different plans each of which can have different benefits for them.

Featured Listing:- This is an extension of the paid listing where the business owners get to publish on the special spot in the website. This help the business attract more crowds.

Advertisement: – By adding ad space and banner additional money can be made. These spaces can have text or videos to become more attractive to the visitors.

By creating combinations and finding new ways the website owners can make the website earn revenues.

How to Create Local Search Directory Website?

There are various different types of directory websites that one can create. There are Website directories, Business Directories, Coupon or deals Directories, Real estate or dealership directories, job bonds etc.

The website owner should be clear on what kind of website they are planning to create to proceed further. The steps will cover general Directory website for specific ones can make amends to their own website.

To create local search directory website using WordPress is easy. There are many themes that are designed especially for this purpose which will make the process far simple. The coding and appearance are done keeping the directory requirements as the base.

Take time to choose the right cool WordPress themes. Keep it simple and unique as that is what makes your website look great and attractive to the visitor. Once you know which theme you are going to use. Download it to your system and leave it in a zip file format.

Now, you will have to get this theme installed to get started. This is a simple process and does not take much time. Go to the dashboard and click on Appearance>Themes. Click on Add New here and from the list choose Upload theme.

Click on choose files that will allow you to browse to the file you want to be uploaded. This upload should be in the form of a Zipped file which should then be installed.

The installation does not take much time and once it is complete then click on activate so that the theme is up and ready to be worked on.

The use of plug-in enhances the functionality of any website. There are many of these that the website owner can choose from. It is best to use them to make the website function properly.

In the Dashboard, you will see install plugins. The list of the plugin there can be used to choose which one you require.

You can click on the checkboxes that are present alongside the plugins for the ones you want to install. The plugin installation also does not take a lot of time. When the plugins are installed it is time to move on.

Use the Demo content for simpler and quicker website creation. The Directory WordPress themes these days come with Demo content to create local search directory website. This one-click import option allows the content to be uploaded with speed.

There are examples posts and pages which allows the users to play with colors and visual aspect of the webpage at this stage. One can proceed without the Demo content as well and undertake all the steps by themselves.

Every website user has an idea of how they want the website to look like. The WordPress theme allows such customization with the help of editing.

If the users want to edit any part of the theme they should click on the edit page link which is present in the WordPress Admin bar. Change the number of pages, add layout and move things around to make the page look the way you want it to look.

Change the listing information. The Demo page comes with a listing which will be required to be replaced with the list that you want to go on the website.

Click on the individual listing and replace the information which is present there with your own information. There are options to ad location, contact, images etc.

Make this the way you would prefer by adding or deleting options. The new listing can also be added here using the head places and add new. Fill all the necessary information to make this a part of the list.

When you plan to create local search directory website the first thing should be quality. Quantity can come in later when the website grows.

Make sure that you have a selection criterion as it is common to get tempted and add all requests that flow in. Think about the bigger picture the visitors will rely on the listings only when they find quality and reliable information on it.

Add rating options which then puts quality on an autopilot. This does not mean that the selection should be removed.

Think of it a website that has places listed with just bad rating would be doomed. So start with quality and then only the other steps will flow in like progression.

Use all the features to create local search directory website with WordPress advantageous for the owners and users alike.

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