How to Build a Landing Page With WordPress

WordPress Landing Page

The whole idea of making an online presence for any business is to get more visitors and customers. There are many small and big strategies that are utilized by these business owners to ensure that the customers are attracted to their site.

One very common and effective way of doing the same is with the use of landing page. A landing page is a web page which is specially designed by the company to attract the viewer’s attention.

It is also used to get the contact details of the prospect customers like their contact numbers emails. This is done with the help of a lead form.

The lead pages have attractive content and they are focused on target customers. There are also cases when the landing page is used to attract the customers and then they are redirected to the original website.

The company can have as many landing pages as they like. In fact, most of the experts suggest that the company who is looking for a sale and higher revenues should have a lot of landing pages.

The landing pages work in simple ways when any company is marketing a new product with the help of emails they can have a simple link that takes the viewer to the original site.

This is targeted campaigning as the email list is designed with target customers who they deemed fit for the new product.

The same way is used for targeting the online customers. Any form of promotion can be done using the contact information and by launching a campaign one wants to launch.

Features of a WordPress Landing Page:-

When one is thinking of building an effective landing page then they should make use of the following features.

Focus:- Any landing page that the company is designing should be focused on a particular specific target.

The idea of a landing page could be to gain contact details of the viewers and they will get free access to information or a sign-up coupon they can use when they make a purchase. This way both the parties will benefit from it and their objective will be clear.

Benefits:- Highlighting the benefits for the visitors is a must. The language of the design of the page should be such that it attracts the viewer’s attention.

It should be clear what they gain from visiting the page which will ensure a quick conversion. The offer should be crisp and viewers should be able to grab the details.

The Sense of Urgency:- The content should call for action immediately. The viewers should be able to connect to the offer and should feel a sense of urgency to act now.

Put a timeline or highlight the benefits of acting now. The visitor should feel that they should take that offer now and not later.

Conversion: – With the above steps the right kind of visitors are attracted to the site. They are convinced about the great offer now the landing page should make lead conversions which are the main aim.

How to Create Landing Page With WordPress

WordPress has a lot of landing page WordPress themes that are single page themes specially designed for landing pages. There are a lot of features these single page themes comes with.

Use the theme that best suits the goal of the landing page. Once that is decided download and activate it. These themes are available for download and can be activated through appearance tab. These WordPress themes are supported by extensive documentation.

You do not have to worry if you are a new user. If there is any query one can easily use these documents to find out simple and easy ways to overcome the hurdles.

WordPress landing page can be made more effective with the use of plug-ins. It is considered one of the easiest ways to do it. There are many plug-INS available which work in the same way.

The themes of WordPress are compatible with these plug-ins and enhance the user experience. Some of the commonly used plug-ins are Thrive landing pages, WordPress landing press, parallax Gravity Landing page and optimize Press.

It is always advised that the builder tests the efficiency of the plug-in. The installation of the plug-in is simple and in case of any query, the documentation will be a great support.

There are also online communities that are very strong especially when it comes to WordPress which will benefit the users if they have doubts.

There are also a lot of supporting online tools that are available for WordPress landing page. When one makes a quick Google search there will be a lot which will pop up.

These are similar to a website builder page which takes no time to whip up ant landing page. There are a few limitations associated with a few of them and they are also not very flexible.

The hand-coded page which is a properly designed one is more superior and definitely more flexible compared to the online one.

The advance developers are often looking for something that is highly sophisticated. There are a lot of templates that come with WordPress.

The developer can use these or depend on the pre-built WordPress themes for developing the WordPress landing page. The developer can even create a template from a blank page if they have CSS skills and are keen on designing.

Creating your own WordPress landing page allows customizing to be in the hands of the developers. This is not easy and it is advised that the developers keep the target in mind before creating such a page.

Creating a landing page is simple and with these different option, it also provides flexibility to the developer.

They can rely on designed themes or take matters into their own hand and create something you desire. It is best to brush up the coding skills if the developer is planning to design something on their own.

The goals of the landing page go a long way in determining which of the following option the users will opt for. They can even mix and match as there is no limit to the number of WordPress landing page one can own.

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