Fully Responsive WordPress Themes for With User-Friendly Interface

fully responsive WordPress themes

We are in this article going to discuss fully responsive WordPress themes which are mobile first and mobile friendly.

Most of the users nowadays around the world access information via mobile phones and smart phones.

Most users feel that without smartphone they cannot survive even a day and their smartphone is their life. So mobile phone has thus become an integral part of one’s life so much that after waking up the first thing that most humans nowadays do is to check the notifications on their mobile phone.

Access to emails, access to work related stuff, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook and others have become so much popular via cell phones that most users on these medium are using their phones in order to get updates or updating their profile through them.

Most of the celebrities also interact with their fans either on their private blog or on some social media and that too happens via cell phone.

So the point here we are trying to make here is that if you create a modern website it has to be mobile compatible and mobile friendly and hence Google also rolled out its mobile first update called mobilegeddon and mobile friendly test and hence websites are judged on the basis of how mobile friendly they are.

Hence we have compiled this list of fully responsive WordPress themes even though all the themes listed on this website and the website we are referring to are all fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Consulting Pro

SKT Consulting Pro WordPress Theme


Consulting Pro as the name suggests is a consulting service website which can be used by any corporate or service provider for building their website.

Changing the background images and colors and text and font color and fonts will change how the theme appears.

It is one of the fully responsive WordPress themes and does it job fully and satisfactorily by giving the users the option to have mobile friendly responsive website which means that one can easily get the best output.

Maintenance Services Pro

Maintenance Services Pro WordPress Theme


Maintenance Services Pro can be used for any type of service, repair or any type of garage, auto workshop or tools or hardware repair type services websites as well.

It is one of the fully responsive WordPress themes and can be interchanged in terms of color, fonts, images, text and hence is a multipurpose template.

Just like others includes page builder which can run the homepage and other pages with ease.

No extra coding knowledge needed to complete the website using this template.

IT Solutions Pro

IT Solutions WordPress Theme


As the name suggests any type of IT solutions provider or IT consultant can use this type of template and since most people in IT are tech savvy people and would want to access their business information with tablets or mobile phones this template which is one of the great fully responsive WordPress themes makes sense.

So building your next website using this template will not only save money but also get you more sales and business in return.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting WordPress Theme


Any type of business needs consulting and advices and that can be like lawyer, financial consultation, legal, accounts, business, mergers and acquisitions etc. So these type of consultants and consulting companies also need information to be shared and shown.

But when their information can be easily accessed across all types of devices more and more business will follow. Ease of business and ease of communication and information sharing is facilitated by this theme.

Creative Agency

Creative Agency WordPress Theme


Creative agency template is yet another addition in this template list of fully responsive ones and does justice to its role.

Can be used by design agencies as well as creative agencies to get their website online in no time. And since website designers and developers should have a fancy website accessible on all devices one should acknowledge this type of website.

Plugins list compatible with this template is huge and one can add gallery, slider, SEO plugins, fancy CSS3 animations, WooCommerce for selling something on the shop or readymade digital items online too.

One can add custom contact forms to get more business via contact forms and such.

Gravida Pro

Gravida WordPress Theme


Efficient theme whereby one knows how much work can be done using this. Simple and effective and does the job properly with built in page builder which means that drag and drop facility is given and clicking on any section on the homepage opens up the page builder panel to easily edit the stuff.

So for noob or novice customers it becomes essentially smooth and simple and very easy too.

Nowadays every user does not want an app for everything and hence since apps keep on refreshing in background and send us too many notifications many users prefer to go to the website online and get their stuff.

And hence when your customers visit your website using their browser they can easily gain access to your website and go through your website information easily and effectively because you are using one of the fully responsive WordPress themes.

Since all of them are simple and easy to use no other extra developers or designers need to be hired in order to maintain these websites.

Since they are built on top of WordPress adding extra functionality is also easier because one can make use of additional plugins and can add them to expand the functionality and get more juice out of the website.

Since the information nowadays is accessed easily and on the fly it should be available to be viewed at any time of the hour and hence we have cloud hosting and websites hosted on them and since anyone can use any type of device to access that information.

Hence we have presented this list of templates which are fully responsive and all devices compatible because you never know what device your visitor to the website will be using.

Sidebar on all of these templates are widget friendly and so are footer areas.

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