Clean Simple WordPress Themes for Minimal Easy to Use Websites

clean simple WordPress themes

Most of the businesses strive forward to showcase and flaunt their products and creations or services and hence they do not need something overdone and something that has to be overdo on both the professional front or rather in the website as well.

Hence nothing too much flashy or creative is rather needed. Some of the businesses also deal with autistic or old caring patients for them information should be loud and clear and should be visible enough for them to read it carefully and understand how the product or the service works.

Not all websites try to focus on their design styles but have something fairly informative and simple and clean because clean simple website is the choice they preferred and they need as well.

Hence, our list of clean simple WordPress themes consists of the clean and minimal websites but very simple in style.

Best Clean Simple WordPress Themes 2022


simple theme


Nature of the product as it suggests is very simple so the simplicity part is taken care of in terms of both the front end design as well as layout and also the backend editing too.

Simple is a good contender and one of the clean simple WordPress themes which can be used to create a good website for any purpose since the images and text can be changed easily and so the color using color picker can be interchanged to any as per liking.

Since the website template is compatible and works well with WooCommerce one can also sell some items online and have a full fledged shop too using this template.




Not all website designers and developers as well as users are fond of animated, bright colors, vibrant website designs.

And also you get a few seconds to gain customers attention and if the information that the customer seeks is not presented in those few seconds they will leave.

Hence this minimal clean simple WordPress theme does it job of handling the design aesthetics well and helping customers get the right amount of information quickly and easily without scrolling through a lot of pages.

Shudh Pro



Shudh Pro is yet another theme addition in this list of clean simple WordPress themes whereby users can opt for the minimal and the cleanest theme out of the all present in our stores and can select them based on their preferences and needs and requirements.

This is also a simple and easy to use template and comes with its own theme options to manage the homepage. For the inner pages any type of page builder can be used which makes it easy for users to use the theme.

Clean Pro

Clean Pro


Clean Pro is yet another clean template and the main advantage it has over its peers is in one of the sections we have a background video section. So if anyone likes background video played while watching the theme then they can surely opt for this.


SKT SEO WordPress Theme


SEO webmaster and digital marketers and advertisers also need an online website to flaunt their skills and tell the world about their portfolio and work and hence this template addresses them and works around the native someone who is trying to sell their services to others.

This template is multipurpose and can be used for any type of industry which wants to offer services or products for sale.

SKT White Pro

Black And White WordPress Theme


Elegant and stylish with a single page screen but can be used as a multi page website as well. Everything is cleanly done and hence the white theme applies for any type of industry base.

SKT Dual

Dual WordPress Theme


Dual screen where left is an image and right is a content area is an unique styled and one of the clean simple WordPress themes which marks its way into this list.

This is uniquely creative and yet very simple and clean because of the colors and simple way it uses to tell all of the information. Both the screen left and right side educate a client about the benefits of the site properly.

So it can be used to launch a book, app or any thing online. Serves as a nice landing page for anyone seeking to host their products or services.

Minimal Blog

Minimal Blog WordPress Theme


Without blogging when speaking of WordPress it doesn’t feel right and hence a minimal and clean blog also made it to this list which can be used to tell stories to others in the most easiest way and cleanest way possible and yet having all the focus on the information and the image associated with it.

So people can focus on the story or the journal in front of them rather than focusing on elsewhere or the creative design. Where words coming out of the creative writer will make more sense rather than the creative website.

Simplicity also is in the backend as well because most of those customers won’t be able to handle their website at ease and do not hire full time developers and designers and most of the IT is taken care by their internal staff itself.

Also these sites are so simple and do not require much to be installed and set up and hence people with a bare minimal website requirement who want a quick online presence and prefer to have it online in no time can surely check them out and get themselves online using any of these clean simple WordPress themes.

Since these themes are based on WordPress CMS it becomes obvious that editing will be easy and does not need much coding knowledge as well.

Following the step by step documentation should help someone get those templates easily without any time set up on their own website.

List of plugins compatible with these clean simple WordPress themes is lengthy and hence one can add additional functionality like gallery or slideshow or adding SEO plugin as well.

All the themes are responsive and mobile friendly and have been coded as per latest WordPress version compatibility test. All of them pass through a lot of stringent tests before being part of the store.

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