How to Optimize WordPress Videos for SEO

Optimize WordPress Videos for SEO

WordPress websites have several advantages over websites built on other platforms. One of the most important advantages is that it is SEO friendly. What does it mean? It means that your WordPress website has a higher chance of getting picked up and ranked by search engines.

There are a number of parameters to meet before that can happen. With the right steps, your website can adhere to those parameters and find itself on popular search engine pages.

With an ocean of websites out there, it’s unpredictable as to which ones will show up on the search engine result pages. That’s why WordPress has come up with various techniques, so your website has an edge over others. It’s not a one-time job.

You have to constantly keep working towards achieving the right kind of SEO optimization for improved rankings of your website. Here, we will show you how to optimize WordPress videos for SEO. So, if your website has a lot of media content, you should be reading this article.

Best tips for Optimize WordPress Videos for SEO

1. Quality Over Everything

No matter the kind of video you post on your website, you must ensure it is of the best possible quality. You will be tracking results of the video’s performance, and when the quality is low, it will most certainly reflect in the numbers.

Good quality videos will help in ranking your website higher than other video websites. That’s why your first order of work is to have good quality videos on your website.

2. Keyword Research

Just like you would do with any other kind of content, where keywords are distributed across the webpage, you need keywords for video content as well. With a little keyword research, you will be able to find the right keywords for your video.

Tag the video with the keyword and use the keyword in its description too. This will help the search engines pick up your website over others. The Google Adwords Planner is a great tool if you are still new to SEO optimization.

3. WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers thousands of plugins to make sure your website looks and functions great. There are also a few plugins to help with your video SEO optimization too. Yoast Video Plugin is one such. If you are uploading a video on your own website or on a supporting platform, Yoast will take care of all the video SEO for you.

4. Metadata Creation

SEO optimization will be done correctly when you have all the details necessary for search engines to index your website. With metadata, you can offer more details for search engines to pick.

The main description of the video, thumbnail description, name and title of the video, and so on will need to have the necessary keywords for search engine optimization. Make sure all the details mentioned are relevant, otherwise search engines will rank your website down along with your video.

5. Shareable Videos

Another important aspect of getting your content to be noticed is that it should have the potential to go viral. It’s the entire craze now. It isn’t just enough to create and post videos online these days.

If you want it to be seen by many people, make it shareable. Shareable means, your content must be unique and have an edge over other videos in the recent days. Either something with catchy music or current trend or even social matters will work in your favour.

6. Video Site Map Creation

As mentioned earlier, search engines need information from your website to index it according to what users search online. For this, you need to make sure that all the necessary data is mentioned about your video for context.

If you create a sitemap for the same, it will solve your problem and give search engines a clear idea of what your content is about, videos in particular.

7. Embedding of Video

We talked about how shareable videos are great to get noticed. Letting users embed your video on their blog or website means more eyes on your content. Get more backlinks this way and open another door for traffic to come your way.

8. Social Media Sharing

Social media is everything for content today. If your video and websites aren’t shared on social media platforms, they won’t catch anyone’s eye. Don’t rely only on search engines here. When there’s enough traffic coming on to your website, search engines will automatically take notice and rank it higher.

All you need to do is, share your website on your social media as well as have your friends do it. A ripple effect will multiply the chances of your content spreading everywhere.

Videos are a very important part of web content these days. Not everybody reads even a couple of paragraphs these days, let alone full-page articles. But videos have caught everyone’s attention and have turned out to engage more people than ever.

With such a spike in viewers across platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and others, it is only smart for all kinds of websites to turn to video content creation. Just a few ways of getting the SEO optimization right and your website is sure to be on top of people’s search lists.

Of all the steps and tips we have given, make sure you pay close attention to creating quality videos and making sure their details match the content. Your metadata and site mapping should be on point for SEO to work. Research on various plugins and install the one that suits you best.

Plugins take away most of your SEO optimization burden and you can simply focus on trying to get more people to share it on their social media platforms. Also, keep your video content free of plagiarism and errors. And make sure the videos aren’t too long.

If you want them to go viral, keep them short and up to date so users engage on your website longer. Creating content isn’t the end of it, it is important to work on optimizing SEO for your WordPress videos.

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