Tools to Promote WordPress Products Quickly and Easily

Promote WordPress Products

If you are a developer who creates WordPress products like themes and plugins, it is only natural for you to want to promote these products so you can reap the benefits easily.

Like any other product that is promoted by any other business, you will need tools to promote your WordPress products too.

In today’s competitive age, it is not only enough to create good products, but it is essential to find ways to promote them.

People are not going to find your themes and plugins easily among thousands of similar products. With the right tools and a good strategy, you will be able to promote your WordPress products and make them more visible to users online.

1. Channels to Promote

There are various channels and platforms where you can promote your WordPress products. You can create engaging videos on YouTube to show users your themes and plugins.

If you can guide them on how to install and activate your products, it not only becomes a way to promote them but also a way to show them what to do.

You can also use a blogging platform to talk about your products in detail, with step-by-step instructions on how to use them. Facebook ads are also very effective these days. Link your blog or YouTube video to these ads and promote your products.

2. Other Tools to Promote

AdEspresso – This one of the better tools for social media sales promotions by WordPress. As mentioned earlier about Facebook ads, AdEspresso is the perfect application for it.

It is great to optimize the ads and these ads are easily tracked too. This isn’t a free application and its cost will depend on the kind of service you’re looking for. Either way, it is cost-effective and the right tool for you if you’re going to invest in Facebook ads.

Tailwind – For end-to-end visual marketing solutions, Tailwind is the best tool for you. If you have brilliant visuals that need to be promoted on Instagram and Pinterest, Tailwind will help you optimize them the best way possible.

You can even track your campaign’s performance and schedule your posts on Instagram and Pinterest as well.

Thrive Landing Pages – With this application, you can design your marketing campaigns with their templates. They have over 160 templates that help you create visually stimulating designs for your marketing campaigns. It’s a great tool for digital marketers today.

Hootsuite – This is a great tool for social media promotion. You can link it to all your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more with Hootsuite to send bulk messages. Save time and effort with Hootsuite. It has turned out to be one of the most effective tools out there today.

SumoMe – SumoMe is a collective of various tools that help you promote products online. It also helps with conversions and optimization of conversions.

You can also track and analyze the performance of your products. SumoMe is available for free but with premium fees, you can get extra services like A/B testing, technical support, and more.

Webinar Jam – If you’re looking to promote your products with videos and tutorials, Webinar Jam is the right tool for you. It offers great templates for webinar training and email training’s. This tool isn’t free either, but they offer better deals than their competitors.

3. Free Version

An underrated way of promoting a theme or a plugin is to create a free version of it. With a free version, you will find more people wanting to install it.

Once people have installed your theme or plugin and have used it for a while, you can have a premium version of the same with add-ons.

These is a win-win situation for you since you get more people using your product and have given them the option to get more services for the premium version.

4. Content Marketing

Content is everything these days. With the right kind of content marketing strategy, you can reach out to a wider audience and have more people installing your theme or plugin.

From blogs to videos, there is a lot of scope for content marketing. Strategist and time it correctly for desired results.

5. SEO Friendly

With all the various tools at your disposal to promote your WordPress products, you must be mindful of being SEO friendly too. Your marketing efforts should reflect on search engines result pages.

If you match all the parameters laid out by search engines, your marketing content channels will be ranked higher and show up on users’ searches.

6. Testimonials for Your Products

Another great way of promoting your WordPress products is to have users who have already used them write testimonials.

These testimonials can be published on your marketing channels like Facebook or YouTube so potential customers are able to build faith in your products. A good testimonial goes a long way in business.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another great way to promote your themes and plugins. You can also find many customers through this method as well. Affiliate marketing essentially means that you get money for referring a plugin to a new customer.

Let your existing customers become affiliate marketers and reap the benefits of this method of marketing. You will get your testimonial along with new customers with this kind of marketing.

8. Posting on Popular Discussion Platforms

There are many popular discussion platforms these days like Reddit, Quora, Yahoo, and others. Many people get online to discuss various problems, share insights, look for solutions, and simply be a part of a large community online. On such platforms, many users promote different products.

It’s a more subtle way of promoting your products without actually promoting them. It is low cost and highly effective because you end up interacting with the end user. You can pretty much suggest personalized products to them.

All these tools mentioned above are easy and effective ways to promote your WordPress products like themes and plugins.

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