Things to do When Your WordPress Website is Down

Things to do when your WordPress website is down

Perhaps you’re not ready to get to the dashboard or the login page of your WordPress site. Or on the other hand, your site essentially isn’t acting in the same manner in which it usually does.

On the off chance that this is going on, it’s possible that your WordPress site is down that you have made from the beautiful WordPress themes.

However, don’t stress there might be a simple answer with respect to why your site isn’t up. This short rundown of fundamental checks can enable you to keep a cool mind when your WordPress site is down. Best of everything you can do these checks on your own before requesting for any outside help.

  • Rule out Wrong Connections

Firstly, you have to make sure that all your connections are correct and are plugged into the proper sockets. Also, make sure that you have connected to your internet properly. As you do not want to have a headache for two days and then get to find out that you have got the wires crossed.

  • Is it just only your website?

Regularly, it happens that the issue might be a general issue that affects numerous other clients. There also may be other individuals attempting to figure out if their WordPress site is down.

To see whether that is the case, attempt a couple of online services available like Down for everybody or Just me. This tool checks your site from different areas, so if the issue is with your PC, you will get to know about it.

Just feed in the URL of any webpage and you’ll know whether that site is down as well. Another device that does basically a similar thing Is This Site Down.

On the off chance you find out that it’s only your WordPress website that is down and only you are not able to access your website, then your next step ought to be Whatsmydns.

An error like the site not found or similar generally means that your DNS has not updated. This tool will enable you to discover, and one should not skip this step out on the off chance that you have recently changed the DNS for your site. In any case, remember that changes in DNS can typically take 6 to 72 hours to update.

In the event that your DNS is up to date, the following thing you ought to do is attempt and force the page to reload. To do this, click on Ctrl+F5 on Windows. This enables you to get to your website page specifically from the server, bypassing your cached pages.

The next step is viewing your website from different locations using proxy sites. And if you are not able to view your WordPress site, it is mostly expected that you are facing network issues.

  • Check your Domain Validity

The domain name that you bought at the time of beginning your site accompanies an expiry date. Have you forgotten a membership recharging notice? While numerous administrators expand the validity for around 30 days after the expiry date.

Many web hosts bundle domain registration services with hosting. However, in the event that is not the situation with you, you have to check if your membership is up to date.

  • Suspended Account

Many hosting services suspend your account if it has not been paid for some time. Normally they send you an email from your host telling you when a payment hasn’t gone through, so it’s conceivable it slipped by. Guarantee that your billing data is up to date to avoid suspension of hosting services.

  • Your Server is Down

If your server is experiencing downtime, you might not be able to access your website at all. While you may get a message that your server will encounter downtime, you’ll be uninformed about it, it’s anything but difficult to forget.

Any resource intensive usage of server resources exceeding your data transfer capacity breaking limits can likewise make your site go down.

Start checking by basically refreshing the page, and if it’s a temporary issue, it’ll probably resolve itself.

Next, consider if the hosting service or the package you’ve chosen is the correct one for your site. In the event that you’ve settled on cheap web hosting service, it’s conceivable that the host servers do not provide sufficient support for 100% uptime.

Downtime can happen more often with less expensive hosting service that is not supported by proper infrastructure, and your only solution is to wait it out or get on the phone with your service provider.

Or you can change to switch to a quality hosting service for your WordPress site that is made from beautiful WordPress themes.

  • A theme of Plugin Conflict

There are many uncertain themes and plugins that don’t play well with one another or with the WordPress core can likewise cut you off from your WordPress.

One approach to keep this is to purchase quality, beautiful WordPress themes and plugins from reputed marketplaces. A good place for searching the WordPress plugins is the list of best WordPress plugins.

Numerous creators take the inconvenience to bring up the known conflicts of their product with different themes and plugins, and you should take the time to go through the plugins and themes before you install the theme. And, in case if you simply ever in uncertainty or doubt about compatibility ask the developer.

  • You might have been Hacked

On the off chance that you’ve been running a site for any period of time, most likely you’ll realize that site security is an ongoing exercise. The general purpose is to remain a couple of steps ahead of the hackers.

Frequently, malicious bots repeatedly try to gain entry with a series of high-frequency attempts, and also sometimes succeed.

In such cases and in instances of DOS attacks, your hosting supplier should come up to enable you to remain secure. You’ll have to work intimately with them and give them all the data available to you.

It might likewise happen that the bots or programmers succeed and took control over your site. Recovering from a hacked website can be a long and painful process.

Wrapping up!
Being locked out of your site that you have made with the beautiful WordPress themes and plugins, can be a nerve-racking experience.

Yet, there are various approaches to discover the reason behind why your WordPress site is down. Provided with this information, you can attempt and set things directly set things right by yourself.

And on the off chance that you discover you can’t deal with it all alone, you can generally request outside help.

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