7 WordPress Tips to Make Your Sites Shine in 2021

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Updated technologies with updated features and functions are some of the requirement of every single user, isn’t it? WordPress with every passing year comes with advanced features, plugins, themes, which helps you to make a more better website.

With Beautiful WordPress Themes you can make your website more trendy, more user-friendly, and more growth in your business. For better business growth, it is important that your website meets its client’s requirements.

See some of the 7 WordPress tips and tricks that will help you to make your sites shine in 2021

1. Always keep your site Up-To-Date

It is the first point to make your sites shine that your WordPress websites should be Up-To-Date. You can make it by keeping your WordPress version updated.

Update WordPress version provide update plugins, shortcodes, and themes. This will help your site to have all advanced features.

You can also make your websites with Beautiful WordPress Themes as it provides you with different homepage designs, various shortcodes, plugins, functions which will help to make your sites even more up-to-date. Updated WordPress versions offer you with a good framework and theme options.

Up-To-Date WordPress websites help in solving problems with much ease and simplicity. It provides with advanced features which help in problem-solving which you might face in your previous websites.

2. Update your WordPress to Gutenberg

WordPress has introduced us with its new editor plugin i.e Gutenberg. Gutenberg is rebuilt for media-rich pages and posts. Gutenberg is the future in web development.

WordPress version 5.0 has introduced its new editor Gutenberg with multiple editing features for blocks, multimedia content. Gutenberg also helps to add a block in your site that focuses on content, which makes your work a little effortless as compared to that in custom code.

With Gutenberg, you can build your own custom posts and pages without having much technical knowledge. Gutenberg includes the default blocks such as Paragraph, Heading, Quote, Button, Embeds, Video, File, Gallery, and a lot more which helps in making your sites shine.

It is important that you update your WordPress to Gutenberg to have such amazing editing features.

Cool WordPress Themes with Gutenberg helps you to have a more beautiful site that for sure shine in 2021.

3. Keep your WordPress Themes and Plugins updated

This is again a key point to make your sites shine throughout this new year that your WordPress Themes and Plugins are updated. A beautiful WordPress Themes comes with updated WordPress plugins and features that will help to make a better site.

We all want new gadgets that hold new features, no one want to use old versions. Similarly, your WordPress website should also provide its customers with updated features and functions.

These updates will only be offered if you keep your Themes and Plugins regularly updated. Because updated plugins come with more features to that of the previous one.

Updated themes and plugins help in loading sites faster that makes your customers more in demand. Also, this helps you to make extra money with your clients, because providing your clients with regular themes and plugins updates will make you have more money with them. Updated WordPress themes and plugins are important for site security and speed.

4. Make sure your sites are Responsive

Having a user-friendly, mobile-friendly and a responsive site is what one’s requirements. This point is incredibly important that your websites have responsiveness. Responsive sites shine more as compare to that of non-responsive one.

With upcoming years, revolutions, and changing era, almost every single user want everything in a quick and faster handy mode. Yes, I am talking about mobility. Mobile-friendly sites are a requirement of everyone.

Beautiful WordPress Themes are responsive which help you to make a responsive website. A responsive site which runs on a small screen with great pixel clear resolution and high graphics designs is what helps to make more visitors and results in high growth in business.

Responsive sites help in high loading speed, security and also more user-friendly.

5. Keep your site Secure by Adding SSL

SSL provides adding an extra layer of security in your website. To make your website more secure it is necessary that your site adds SSL.

You can also see how it has changed from HTTP to HTTPS which adds more security in your website. Every site holds their client’s sensitive data, thus to protect it from hacks it is mandatory that your site holds an SSL certificate to protect important data and information.

No matter what if your site is just for blogging, or for shopping, or for advertisement, it is recommended that adding SSL makes more shine in your websites.

6. Involve Your Customers in the Product Design Process

While making a website or working on a client project all day long, mid-nights, and it does not fulfill the client’s requirements, or if a client made any changes then it creates a hectic situation and an irritating one.

So it is very important that you make communication with your clients while working on projects and websites. It is an important step in the product design process that you make the involvement of your customers so that it becomes for you and for your customers as well to make a perfect site.

This reduces your efforts, saves your time and helps in designing your project even easier. This step should take place during the designing and development phase because these phases are most important where clients generally make changes.

7. SEO friendly

It is an essential part that your sites are SEO optimized and works well with SEO features WordPress offers. Beautiful WordPress Themes are SEO optimized which comes with SEO plugins provide you with SEO features which will help you to make a good website.

Yoast SEO, All In One, etc are some of the SEO plugins which are helpful to make the ranking in the search engine. SEO friendly sites run well on a search engine to make more traffic for higher rankings.


These were the steps which help you to make your sites shine. I hope this blog will help you to make your website in a more efficient way.

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