Things You Need To Start A Career As A WordPress Professional

wordpress professional

WordPress has grown over many years to become a platform for all kinds of websites to be built on. Considering how easy it is to set up and maintain a WordPress website, almost 40% of websites are built on WordPress. There are several reasons why it is the most sought after platform. It is open source, it has great themes and designs, it makes any website look professional, and so on. One of the reasons why you can start a career as a WordPress professional is that despite how easy it is said to work on the platform, there are several business and blog owners who still need help. People don’t have the time to set up their own website

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How to Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

Error Establishing Database Connection in WordPress

As a website owner, you want your WordPress website to have no downtime and load immediately. But sometimes when you type in the website’s URL, you get nothing but a blank page. That’s when you realize there is an error establishing a database connection in WordPress. Unfortunately, this is how you can lose users. Some of them may never return with the assumption that the website is no longer functional. That’s a big price to pay for a database connection error. A website cannot afford downtime. In today’s world, people’s attention span is limited to a few seconds. And a website is expected to load in less than three seconds. Imagine the plight when your website throws up a blank

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How To Find Out If A Website Is Run On WordPress?

WordPress website

Most new websites are built on it and older ones are sticking to it. Be it blogs or e-commerce, WordPress has turned out to be ideal for all kinds of website building today. But if you are a developer who is curious how to find if website run on WordPress or not, you have landed on the right article. Firstly, there are many reasons why a developer would be curious to find if website run on WordPress. For starters, everybody knows how popular WordPress is today. It has evolved from being a blogging platform to a pretty powerful content management system. If you stumble on an incredibly cool website that has a lot of animation, you would wonder whether or

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Common Web Design Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

web design

Web design has evolved over the years from a plain canvas wall with text and pixel images to the kind that helps increase conversion and improve business. With WordPress themes, people have been able to build stunning websites even without any coding knowledge. The website building game changed all together. Designs were ready-made and even tailor-made according to your requirements, thanks to the thousands of themes available on WordPress. You would think with all these amazing tools available, one can build a foolproof website with the best design possible. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. There are several common web design mistakes made even today. But there are solutions to everything. More than having solutions though, there are ways you can

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A Detailed Guide to WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress website Maintenance

Many website owners and even builders consider the finished website the end of their job. But little do they realize that it is only the beginning. Website maintenance is a crucial aspect that keeps your website running in good health for a long time. Think of it as a car. Once you buy a car, that’s not everything. You have to maintain it by regularly servicing it, checking and replacing oil, cleaning it, and so many other things that you might need to ensure the car is in good condition. You may be a developer or simply a website owner. Either way, you must know whatever it takes to maintain your website. Consider this a detailed guide to WordPress website

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All You Need to Know About Responsive Design for WordPress

Responsive Design for WordPress

Web design is the most important aspect of any website. An effective design will help with SEO, user retention, user engagement, low bounce rate, and many such important goals a website needs to achieve. Coming to the part of achieving goals for your website, responsive design is a key element to get there. What is a responsive design? A responsive web design is one where a webpage responds to a particular device it is seen on. In other words, it resizes itself according to the device it is opened on. Gone are the days when designers made a one size fits all kind of design. Today, you have got to have a design that fits various devices like laptops, PC,

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Basics Of Creating A WordPress Landing Page

WordPress Landing Page

A website’s landing page is what gives a user the first impression of your website. If a landing page doesn’t hook a user and reels him in, it’s time to make some changes. There are many aspects to a great WordPress landing page. The basics of creating a WordPress landing page include content, design, layout, user interface, and user experience among others. But let’s cover as much as we can in this article so you can have an effective landing page that gives you the desired results. 1.Research For any kind of work, research is the first step, even if it is building a landing page. The best way to learn what other websites are doing to get more traffic

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How to Make a WordPress Website – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners


If you are a beginner and want to set up a WordPress website, you must first understand what a content management system is. It’s very easy to learn how to make a WordPress website with a step-by-step guide for beginners. Content management system, as its name suggests, is a platform that allows you to create and publish content on a website. If your content is cake, then a content management system is the cake stand. Here will now look at a step-by-step guide for beginners to set up their WordPress website. 1. Choosing the Right Content Management System Whichever hosting service you choose, it is important to choose the right content management system. WordPress is the ideal content management system

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How to Optimize WordPress Videos for SEO

Optimize WordPress Videos for SEO

WordPress websites have several advantages over websites built on other platforms. One of the most important advantages is that it is SEO friendly. What does it mean? It means that your WordPress website has a higher chance of getting picked up and ranked by search engines. There are a number of parameters to meet before that can happen. With the right steps, your website can adhere to those parameters and find itself on popular search engine pages. With an ocean of websites out there, it’s unpredictable as to which ones will show up on the search engine result pages. That’s why WordPress has come up with various techniques, so your website has an edge over others. It’s not a one-time

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Tools to Promote WordPress Products Quickly and Easily

Promote WordPress Products

If you are a developer who creates WordPress products like themes and plugins, it is only natural for you to want to promote these products so you can reap the benefits easily. Like any other product that is promoted by any other business, you will need tools to promote your WordPress products too. In today’s competitive age, it is not only enough to create good products, but it is essential to find ways to promote them. People are not going to find your themes and plugins easily among thousands of similar products. With the right tools and a good strategy, you will be able to promote your WordPress products and make them more visible to users online. 1.Channels to Promote

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